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Young the Giant Release New Song, Announce New Album

Looking to follow the success of their 2015 studio album Mind Over MatterYoung the Giant debuted the lead single to their upcoming album.

Amerika Cover
Young the Giant “Amerika” cover

After originally announcing the release of their newest song on Twitter, Young the Giant premiered a visual song release of “Amerika” for their fans. The visualizer features an obscure creature with, what looks to be, an animal skull on its head riding another obscure-looking animal that resembles what a llama would appear to be if mixed with a giraffe. The happenings of the video feel almost Noah’s Ark-esque in that the seemingly main creatures and other inhabitants come together and sail away in numerous boats. The visualizer shouldn’t take away from the opinions of the song as it remains true to what fans know Young the Giant songs to be. Though obscure in nature, the visualizer is true to the name of the album, Home of the Strange.


Home of the Strange, the band’s third album, will be available for purchase August 12.



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