Young Dolph Was Still in Hospital for New ‘Believe Me’ Video

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Being in the hospital didn’t stop Young Dolph from shooting a video

Only a week removed from the hospital after having been shot, Young Dolph has released new visuals to “Believe Me” off of his upcoming album Thinking Out Loud.

For an artist who has tirelessly rejects offers from record labels and prefers to do things on his own accord, it’s no surprise Young Dolph has wasted no time in releasing more content. After a shooting in Hollywood landed him in critical condition at the hospital, Adolph Thorton Jr., known as Young Dolph, has released a new song and video for “Believe Me.”

The video premiered exclusively on Billboard and the song is set to be featured on his album coming out October 20.

The video, directed by Jordan Spencer, opens with audio of a news broadcast about his shooting and transitioning into scenes from within the hospital. A hallway, IV and Dolph himself are among the b roll seen.

A jeweler comes by and gives Dolph his watch and chain almost resurrecting the rapper from being bedridden to being back to himself. Almost highlighting the speed of his recovery. He did make a note that it didn’t have to do with the shooting.

“It’s a personal ass song about what I’m dealing with, my inner life, feelings, about close friendships disintegrating over some bullshit,” Dolph told Billboard. “You can hear it in the second verse, the song is about family and morals. You either get life or you don’t. When I was recording the song, I knew I had to have my kids in the video, the only difference is that I shot it in California instead of Memphis or Atlanta. This has nothing to do with the shooting…

“If you work everyday, say at FedEx or as a school teacher, you know you’re doing what you gotta to do feed your family and this song will resonate with you. If you ain’t living right, you’re gonna feel like this song is calling you out. Don’t nobody supposed to raise your kids but you. A lot of folks don’t step up to the plate. My kids are my first priority in the world. It’s really my favorite song.”

Thinking Out Loud is set to release on Friday with features from friends  Gucci ManeTy Dolla $ign2 Chainz and DRAM. Earlier this week, Dolph released the first track off of the album called “While U Here.” Check out the tracklist and production credits below:

  1. “What’s the Deal” (prod. by DJ Squeeky)
  2. “Pacific Ocean” (prod. by Teddy Walton & Aaron Bow)
  3. “Point Across” (prod. by Zaytoven)
  4. “Drippy” (prod. by Mike WiLL Made-It)
  5. “Believe Me” (prod. by Cassius Jay)
  6. “All of Mine” feat. D.R.A.M. (prod. by OZ)
  7. “Go Get Sum Mo” feat. Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz & Ty Dolla $ign (prod. by Honorable C.N.O.T.E.)
  8. “Thinking Out Loud” (prod. by  Buddha Bless)
  9. “Eddie Cane” (prod. by Buddha Bless)
  10. “While U Here” (prod. by Drumma Boy)
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