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Watch Nothing’s Domenic Palermo Die, Meet Michael Jackson in New Video for ‘Eaten By Worms’


Philadelphia-based shoegaze/punk rockers Nothing have released a second music video, this time for the song “Eaten By Worms,” in preparation for their upcoming sophomore full-length, Tired of Tomorrow.

Dialing in a heavy dose of Smashing Pumpkins, and ’90s/2000s grungy alternative in general, the song is set to a narrative involving the aftermath of a brutal assault on lead singer, Domenic Palermo. The two assailants, a pair of masked home invaders, are seen by a passer-by. The good samaritan, along with another stranger who happens along, attempt to get him medical attention as Palermo lies on the hardwood floor in a pool of his own blood. He occasionally spits up blood onto his face as he sings. Adding to the other-worldly feel, both strangers pick up the vocal parts when Palermo isn’t in frame.


When life finally slips away, he’s met with a tunnel of light as his child-self, beckoned by none other than the late Michael Jackson, who teaches him some signature moves and leads him to the afterlife.

Sometimes you just get to write some dope-ass sentences.

Tired of Tomorrow is out May 13th on Relapse Records. 

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