The Internet ends hiatus with ‘Roll (Burbank Funk)’ song, video

The band comes back after two years with a funky track and video.

The Internet released “Roll (Burbank Funk),” on April 27, their first new song since going on break after their record Ego Death in 2015.

Since The Internet announced their break, the members have been keeping themselves busy. Syd tha Kyd released her first studio album Fin and Steve Lacy was featured on songs for both Kali UchisIsolation and Tyler, the Creator‘s “Flower Boy.” 


A couple of weeks ago, we got hit with The Internet’s Instagram post about them releasing a new song.

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New song next week

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With Steve Lacy on the main vocals and Syd backing him up, “Roll” is quite the funky soulful vibe The Internet usually goes for. Their voices hold angelic reverbs and makes the song a true soul sensation.

The music video embraces the soulful feeling and shares simplicity in its best manner. It’s very chill and includes all the members jamming out.

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Burbank Funk BTS

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The intro starts with a funky beat as the camera zooms out to a shot of a recording studio. It exits to a dark room shining a spotlight on a MIDI controller and then begins to introduce the band in black digitally covered masks. It looks like a bunch of clothes on black silhouettes dancing. When Steve Lacy takes off his hat off, he then starts to sing and unmasks everyone in the band.

All of the band members are dressed in groovy attire and it elicits a kaleidoscopic effect throughout the video. The clothes style — such as Steve Lacy’s lime green shirt and the cheetah print on Patrick Paige II and the fur coat on Martians — makes this video incredibly fashionable. It really encases the funky groove of the music and gives a soul train aesthetic to it.

This song proves to be a great return to their music, and hopefully, a glimpse to a new album coming.

Hensley Carrasco
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