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The Avett Brothers Journey Through Airport in New Video

Folk band The Avett Brothers take a walk through an airport in their newly released video for “Ain’t no Man,” the first single off of their upcoming album, True Sadness.

In the video, the band navigates through the Asheville Regional Airport in North Carolina, the home state of the band’s namesake–brothers Scott and Seth Avett. Scott Avett makes his way through the airport where he encounters a number of characters from different backgrounds and cultures. After making it through a long security line and repeated attempts at the security checkpoint, Scott walks through a terminal with a large group of passengers while they all sing along to the celebratory chorus. Finally, Scott boards the plane, which is being piloted by NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, and sits next to his brother for departure.


The song is a catchy, mainly due to its hand clapping and foot stomping sound.

The video was co-directed by Adam Rothlein and Scott Avett.

The Avett Brothers are on tour through the summer and well into the fall.

True Sadness, which will be their ninth studio album and is due out June 24.


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