Spocka Summa Continues ‘Progression’ with New Project, Comic Book

Coupled with the release of a new comic, Spocka Summa gives fans The Progression 001 EP, a succinct project leaving listeners with a desire for more music.

Cover of Spocka Summa's comic book. Click to read
Cover of Spocka Summa’s comic book, “The Live Wire.” Click to read

With this project, Summa took a similar route comparative to that of Lupe Fiasco‘s 2006 and 2007 albums Food & Liquor and The Cool. On those albums, Fiasco used a song, “The Cool” from Food & Liquor and branched it into its own album, The Cool. For Summa, he took a cut, “The Progression” from his 2015 mixtape, 3000 Volts, and created a new project utilizing the song as an overarching theme.


“What is life without progression?”

Benny Peguero–better known by his professional name LastChildMusik–executively produced all of the tracks on the six-song EP. LastChild, who totes production credit for artists such as Sheek Louch, Method Man, Ghostface Killah and more, worked alongside Summa to curate the backbone of the EP.

The Progression begins with “Winter,” a track laced with neatly placed instrumentation under a pitched chorus and lyrics painting a story of maintaining a low profile during the winter months in order to succeed throughout the summer months. The lead single of the project, “Used to Be,” featuring B08 Studio‘s co-owner Enytime, is easily the standout track on the album. The chorus and beat tie in together well while Summa switches delivery to keep the track alive from beginning to end. The EP is short, but it’s what Summa said his intentions were for it. He wanted fans to hope for more, but also be content with what they heard.

Spocka Summa performing at a 2016 concert. | Photo by: Hensley Carrasco
Spocka Summa performing at a 2016 concert. | Photo by: Hensley Carrasco

The artwork on The Progression 001 features Summa trapped in a bed of green wires with monitors around him. Summa simultaneously released the comic book with the project in order to supplement the project. Summa wants fans to listen to Progression in its entirety prior to reading the comic as they tie together to supplement one another in the narrative that is “The Progression.” A theme that touches on the use of technology and the way it affects society today.

In addition to pushing the release of his latest EP, Summa is preparing for his first headlining concert at The Met in Pawtucket, R.I. The concert–being held by Summa’s company Summer 88, is on April 6 and will feature LastChildMusik, Scribe, Bloomingfield, Sooper Vega, Big Frank, PBD, D. Valor and Summa. Regular and VIP tickets will be available for purchase from Summa directly or through E Tix.

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