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Radiohead Return from Social Media Hiatus, Release New Album

Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool

Radiohead release their ninth album.

After having removed all of their presence from the internet a couple of days ago, English rock band Radiohead has returned to their respective social media accounts to post new singles and release an album.

After not having released an album in five years, since The King of LimbsRadiohead released A Moon Shaped Pool. After having released a couple of singles during the week, it was expected that there would be an imminent album release. Not long after the singles, Radiohead officially released their album on iTunes, Apple Music and Tidal. The three services have been front runners in the streaming exclusivity rights race. According to The Guardian, the album was mistakenly placed on Google Music, but was taken down.


The project serves as the band’s ninth studio album release.

“Burn the Witch” was released by the group early Tuesday, much to the surprise of their fans. CNN reported on Sunday of the band’s disappearance from the internet, while also added to the suspicion of their now-released album. In the end, CNN was right as the group took to Twitter to announce the new album yesterday.

Earlier in the week, Niall Doherty, who serves as the music editor for the magazine Q, received a paper in the mail from Radiohead and thought it may have been the name of the now-released album.

With the release of “Burn the Witch,” they accompanied it with a video. Though not featuring any actual people, the story of a witch burning takes place in the form of small dolls also known for being in the Trumptonshire Trilogy.

“Burn the Witch” was the first of two releases the band had last week. The second, “Daydreaming” was released yesterday. Follow Thom Yorke as he walks through numerous doors and different sceneries. The video has already amassed more than 3 million views on Youtube.  It was directed by filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson.


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