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Now Spinning: The Milk – ‘Favourite Worry’ (2015)

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Do you remember the 70’s? Considering where you are right now, probably not. Aside from being lousy with disco joints and killer sideburns, funk and soul absolutely dominated the wax landscape, smooth bass lines and silky vocals rippled through sound systems, and wah pedals were all the rage. I bet you’re squirming right now, crippled by the knowledge that you’ll never experience such a magical decade.

The good news is, Wickford, UK’s The Milk have you covered. Part retrospective, part love-letter to a bygone era, last year’s Favourite Worry is the culmination of everything that was great about the 70’s; funk, blues, soul, R&B, jazz and maybe even a touch of disco (and a doo-wop throwback or two).

The record drips with utterly humanistic production, foregoing crystal clarity for a warmer, live-recorded sound that absolutely pays off in dividends. The only thing that’s missing from the sound profile in the cold digitization of .m4a is the crackle and pop of a vintage player. Favourite Worry sounds less like an imitation of influence, and more like a forgotten release you found in your uncle’s old record box.

Standout tracks such as “Loneliness Has Eyes” and “Trouble” emphasize that kind of retro philosophy and bookend this modern classic. School yourself, boys and girls–a whole generation was conceived to this kind of baby-makin’ music, and you’d be remiss to think that The Milk couldn’t inspire the same sentiment.

The Milk is currently supporting Favourite Worry and have released “Loneliness Has Eyes” as a single with 2 b-sides. You can check them out at their home on the web,


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