Maya Lavelle Releases Video for Debut Single, Denies Rumors of its Ties to Walking Dead

After releasing the music video for her debut single “This Ain’t the End,” Dutch singer-songwriter Maya Lavelle took to social media to deny rumors that the song will be featured in the season six finale of The Walking Dead this upcoming Sunday.

“[I was] surprised to see talk that it will be on [The] Walking Dead finale but this is NOT true or at least as far as I know,” Lavelle wrote on Facebook.


The rumors began after a number of sources, such as Uproxx, reported the song will play a crucial role in show’s finale. The rumors spawned numerous blog posts and a number of theories, including close analyzations of the song’s lyrics. Lavelle took one analyzation in great stride and playfully shared the analysis on her social media pages.

“This Ain’t the End” has an ominous gloom to it that is mixed effectively with a message of hope, so it is easy to deviate how, thematically, the song would fit with The Walking Dead. Lavelle’s website describes the song as “electronic pop clashing with powerful brooding symphonies, best enjoyed with some bourbon.” Additionally, the song was featured in filmmaker Dejan Zecevic’s The Rift and was co-written with singer-songwriter Lana del Rey. (

Lavelle wrote about “This Ain’t the End” on her Facebook page, calling the song’s release the beginning of her career as a pop artist. On her website, she shared her desire to explore new ways of expressing pop music.

“I love to challenge people with ideas,” she wrote. “Just that these ideas come in the form of notes and melodies.”

Lavelle, who is an award-winning composer, is signed to Sony Music and is currently working on her debut album.

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