Lupe Fiasco Releases New Song, ‘Tranquilo’

Promo for Drogas light* featuring Tranquilo
Promo for “Drogas light*”

Lupe Fiasco fans across the world have been waiting “Tranquilo” for the release of his on-again, off-again project Drogas light*.

Recently, Fiasco has tweeted that he will release music, but then undisclosed circumstances have caused him to withhold the releases until now. With the release date quickly approaching, Fiasco has started releasing more music for fans to listen to. His release today comes with verses from Rick Ross and Big K.R.I.T.–not the first time Fiasco has worked with either artist.


Fiasco wrote on Twitter that the reason he was releasing Drogas light* was specifically to give fans the verse from the new song–one that holds a deeper meaning to the artist.

“Tranquilo” follows the releases of “Jump,” featuring Los Angeles’ Gizzle–who came to a major spotlight with Diddy’s “You Should Be My Lover” and has many major writing credits to her name, and “Wild Child,” featuring Jake Torrey.

Listen to “Tranquillo” below:

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