Review: Kaskade Doesn’t Disappoint with ‘Redux 002’

Redux Kaskade

What better way to end the summer than with Kaskade’s new EP Redux 002

Kaskade gives new and longtime fans a followup to Redux 001. The EP is as short as an EP is expected to be, but leaves fans longing for more.

Ryan Raddon, best known as Kaskade, is a worldwide DJ with classic EDM hits. He’s sold out 20,000 capacity arenas and toured around the world. This, however, is different with his “Redux” series; it’s a whole other vibe. If you aren’t familiar with Kaskade’s “Redux,” which means to bring back, revive, the backstory isn’t complex.

Kaskade decided to bring his “Redux” series to select venues as an after party or small show that exposes fans to where the music started. In previous interviews and statements he describes how it was being an upcoming artist. Playing at small clubs and venues until 4 a.m., this scene was a more intimate atmosphere playing deep house music all night long. “Redux” is exposing that music and vibe he would like everyone to experience.

The first EP gave that and more with hits such as “Catalyst,” “Sweet Love” and “Please Say You Will.” However, Redux EP 002 has a slightly different vibe. Kaskade implements a more rhythmic melody in his music with songs such as “Gone” and his main anthem and standout song from the EP, “Nobody Like You.” The song has the power to boost your self esteem and gives you a pep in your step. It’s no wonder that Kaskade has even included the “Sun Soaked Mix” version to show its transparency in beats.

Kaskade brings back base-heavy deep-house vibes with my two personal favorites, “Show of Hands” and “That Dance.” These are my standouts due to their adrenaline rush; it brings motivation while I workout or to get some work done during a long work week.

What makes this album so great is that it’s transparent to any atmosphere, whether it’s used for working out, a party playlist or just driving with the windows down. Redux 002 is the best way to have ended your summer.


Just last week Kaskade kicked off his “Redux Tour” of the United States. Tickets for certain locations sold out in less than a minute.

Nevertheless, if you want to check out where he’ll be, these are his dates:

If you can’t find a way to make it to any of those shows, he’s also performing at a benefit concert in October.

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