New “I.D. Required” Episode: Is This Pharreal?

The illustrious duo heading the “I.D. Required” podcast has just released their newest episode.

“Episode 6: Is This Pharreal” officially released today and pays homage to producer/writer/composer/fashionista and everything else under the sun, Pharrell Williams. The “44” year-old Williams has been making noise in the music industry for the better part of three decades. His career has been anything but selfish as he’s created groups such as N*E*R*D and The Neptunes with his childhood friends and helped break out the career of others such as The Clipse. If anyone knows “Grindin'” it would have to be the original Skateboard P.

The array of artists he has worked with and contributions he has made as a whole is nothing short of impressive, including having the number one, as of this writing, downloaded song in the United Kingdom.


Take a listen to the newest episode and listen out for some facts and other interesting bits of information you may not have known. Also, you might hear a song that you didn’t know he was involved with!

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-Hensley and Genn



Hensley Carrasco
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