Gucci Mane Releases New Video, Song, Preps for New Album

After getting a late break in dropping new music for 2016, Gucci Mane looks to continue topping headlines after having been released from prison in May.

Radric Davis–best known as Gucci Mane–has been steadily releasing new music since his release, matching the flow of music being released by his label during his incarceration. After having left the prison in May, it took only a day for the “Lemonade” rapper to drop his first song as a free man.


Since then, he’s released a couple of more songs, including “Back on Road” with Drake and, most recently, “All My Children.” Last week, Gucci announced a new project to be released July 22, titled Everybody Looking, an album with the same name as a song he had on Burrprint 2the two are seemingly unrelated. Gucci took to the media-aggregating website World Star Hip Hop to premiere the video for the Mike WiLL Made-It-produced song “First Day Out Tha Feds.”

The video gives viewers a look inside the illustrious Davis residence as Gucci dances around, throws money and, in some parts, clones himself–that being said facetiously. The video was shot within his house due to the provisions of his house arrest, which limits where exactly he can and can’t go. Regardless, the house is large enough that shooting a video didn’t seem to be any sort of an issue.

In addition to having released a new video for his first track out of prison, Gucci released another song “On Me,” which features a 2Pac verse from the song “Fuck Em All.”


Due to an early posting of the tracklist by Amazon, which has since been taken down, the songs on Everybody Looking were posted for everyone to see. Though this can’t be considered an official tracklist until it’s released by the 1017 Records camp, it looks very real. “Back On Road,” “First Day Out Tha Feds” and “All My Children” have already had their releases and look to be confirmed for the album. “On Me,” on the other hand, is more than likely a throwaway track as there is probably a sample clearance issue for 2Pac’s verse.

Cover for the Gucci Mane album “Everybody Looking,” releasing on July 22

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. No Sleep (Intro)
  2. Out Do Ya
  3. Back On Road (ft. Drake)
  4. Waybach
  5. Pussy Print (ft. Kanye West)
  6. Pop Music
  7. Guwop Home (ft. Young Thug)
  8. Gucci Please
  9. Robbed
  10. Richest Nigga in the Room
  11. First Day Out Tha Feds
  12. At Least a M
  13. All My Children
  14. Pick Up the Pieces (Outro)
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