Circa Survive Kicks Off Tour with Legendary Providence, R.I. Performance

The Strand hosts a trio of rock bands for a memorable performance.

Circa Survive kicked off its Amulet Tour in Providence this month at The Strand Ballroom & Theatre along with bands Hail The Sun and Foxing.

V.I.P. attendees were let in before the show for a three-song acoustic session and a question-and-answer segment with headliner, Circa Survive. The ambiance was a refreshing and calm listen before the sweat and tears to come. After the acoustic session, the members of Circa Survive went around and took questions from their fans. I was lucky enough to have my question be answered by Anthony Greene himself.


What would you recommend to local musicians and bands that are trying to get their name out there?

Anthony Green: I would say do it because you love it and not because you want fame from it. Keep working your hardest and loving what you do, and you have a really good chance at making it.

The show started at 7:30 p.m. with the California-based opener Hail The Sun. They were followed by the St. Louis-based band Foxing and Circa Survive closed the show. The bands were the perfect post-hardcore/indie-rock trio. Throughout the course of three hours, the music piled and made the crowd even crazier.

Hail The Sun opened the night from a progressive rock point of view. Donovan Melero, lead vocalist of Hail Sun, is quite similar to that of Anthony Green’s vocals and Circa Survive. Though he’s the vocalist, Melero also plays the drums, and makes it look almost impossible to do it the same time.

Foxing followed and highlighted the Rhode Island indie music scene. They struck out the urge to dance in the crowd, and brought the right amount of indie-emo rock type of aesthetic to The Strand. Everyone in the band brought out the sound, from the piano synths to the crazy math rock riffs to the euphoric trumpet noise. Wonderful instruments and musicians hyped up the crowd.

Last but not least, Circa Survive hit the park with a setlist. They came with a number of new songs from their album The Amulet, and still fulfilled the crowd’s cravings for the older songs. Lead front man and vocalist, Anthony Green, loved pushing the crowd to “dance like dummies.” It was a perfectly insane way to start an amazing tour.

If you couldn’t catch the Providence show, check out the rest of their tour dates:

Cynthia Munrayos
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