Boston’s LoudBoy VERB Dedicates New Song, Video ‘Grieve,’ to Friend

The Hyde Park rapper addresses the loss of a friend with moving song.

It’s a topic that has been talked about by many, but continues to affect people around the world and Boston’s LoudBoy VERB does not hold back.

Rather than dealing with it in silence, LoudBoy VERB uses his voice to talk — or rap, in this case — about suicide, which has affected him personally. VERB pours his emotions and feelings into the heartfelt song and reminisces about both the good and bad times he had with his friend — whom he considered to be close like a brother — Stephen Greaves. He talks about hanging out together, death and the times they spent together.


“I got that message on the ‘gram thinkin’ it must’ve been lies”

VERB released the video for “Grieve” on March 1, what would have been Greaves’ 29th birthday.

The black-and-white MikeCityVisual-directed video follows VERB as he visits a church, at a cemetery and even what we believe to be Greaves’ home, among other locations. He uses each location to reminisce about his friend. While at the cemetery, VERB has a scene sitting and writing and another where he is joined by some of his friends who provide support and help end VERB’s part of the video with a rose gesture. 


LoudBoy VERB is a LaCasa Loud and Loud Boy Gang Records affiliate and is currently working toward the release of his to-be-named project.  Prior to the release of “Grieve,” VERB released his “Plug Walk LBGMix,” a remix of the popular Rich The Kid song.

You can follow LoudBoy VERB on Twitter and Instagram.

As a reminder, if you are feeling suicidal or know someone who could be suicidal please reach out and contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Do not hesitate to do so.

Hensley Carrasco
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