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Balance and Composure Rock Through The Met

Days after releasing a new single, “Run From Me,” Balance and Composure stopped at The Met in for a scheduled stop in their tour.

With little standing room in the Pawtucket, R.I. venue, fans gathered for a night with their favorite, or one of their favorite, band. Fans patiently waited as openers Queen of Jeans and From Indian Lakes took their turns on stage before giving way to Balance and Composure. Merchandise for the three bands were laid out on tables in front of and hanging behind members of the groups’ teams as people came up to them to purchase their own memorabilia.

From Indian Lakes performs. | Photo by Hensley Carrasco
From Indian Lakes performs. | Photo by Hensley Carrasco

If fans weren’t on the smoking deck or lined up at the bar, they were squeezing near the small stage to get the best look as they could at the bands performing. Both Queen of Jeans and From Indian Lakes blazed through the stage with cheers following each energy-fueled song performance.

Fans look on as Balance and Composure performs. | Photo by Hensley Carrasco
Fans look on as Balance and Composure performs. | Photo by Hensley Carrasco

Following some house music and a quick tune-up to their instruments, Balance and Composure’s band members were ready to take the stage. Vocalist Jon Simmons led the tempo for the fulfilling performance that kept the crowd’s attention for more than an hour. The crowd bobbed their heads to the music, jumping up and down to every song. Eventually a mosh pit formed in the middle of the crowd and fans began jumping on stage and diving off to the waiting hands of the rest of the crowd.

Unfazed by the multitude of people jumping on stage and diving off, Simmons and the rest of the band continued performing. Performing cuts off of Light We Made and their older albums, the crowd blissfully watched. One of the largest ovations they received was when they announced they would be performing “Afterparty.” It was a performance that fans would remember, with hopes the band will return again.

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Last week, we spoke to drummer Bailey Van Ellis about their newest album and the tour they have embarked on.

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