SCD drops a new video for ‘FMR’, talks journey


Ohio rapper and singer Sarah “SCD” Daraja is gassing up the streets of Columbus with her video “FMR (feat. Zay Finale).” The video and song released in early August following her previous single “Pick Up.”

After regularly moving around, Daraja has settled in Columbus to pursue her music career. At a very young age, she saw the world quicker than most. She went from Toronto to New York to New Jersey to Virginia, and then back to Ohio. Daraja said when she was in Toronto, she was staying in a homeless shelter with her dad and got to see all different kinds of people. She was exposed to different cultures because the shelter housed refugees from all over the world.

“For the majority of my life, I’ve been moving around,” Daraja said. “One thing that remained constant to me was the music. It really opened my mind to the world.”

She said that as she got older, she was exposed to more of the creative world. When she was about 16, Daraja would spend a lot of time in the studio because a friend of a friend owned one. She said she even though it wasn’t her time to get into the studio that she still was able to experience what it was like to be around that environment.

“When I moved to Richmond I got to be around more musicians,” Daraja said. “Then moving back to Ohio was very beautiful for me because for the first time since I was young it was different. I have created a safe space for myself where most of my friends are ambitious artists, so I feel safe to stay.”

Daraja has taken the past two years to surround herself with local artists in the city to learn more about the industry. She has set the best of both worlds for herself since she raps and sings. She said the best way for her to get into that writing mindset is to listen to the beat first and then freestyle over it. Daraja said that process is how “FMR” came to life.

“Sometimes the songs that I freestyle are really good songs,” she said. “I am a very spiritual person so if I come home with a certain energy that I know isn’t mine, music is my way to transmute that energy. It is very healing for me.

“FMR” is the song you listen to if you’ve got beef with someone, and “Pick Up” has a very soft and gentle tone with a subtle undertone that you can just chill to. “Pick Up” will have you vibing as Daraja switches between verses and chorus. Meanwhile, she’s being chased down a track by a mob in her “FMR” video. Both “FMR” and “Pick Up” show how she goes back and forth depending on what her mood is. Daraja said she wants her music to be true to the female perspective and to show how multifaceted women are. She said one of her biggest influences is Jhené Aiko because she is the perfect definition of that.

“I don’t really care about fitting into the narrative of the industry because I feel like my narrative is what it needs,” Daraja said.

You can catch both “FMR” and “Pick Up” on all streaming services. Follow up for music updates on Sarah Daraja’s Instagram @sarahdaraja . She’s got some more music in store for you.

Cynthia Munrayos
Cynthia is an incoming junior at the University of Rhode Island, and is a double major in English and Journalism. She currently is a contributing writer for the Entertainment section at URI's Good Five Cent Cigar. She has an eclectic music taste that stretches from hip-hop, R&B and soul/jazz to punk, alternative rock and even a little ambient, electronic music every now and then. Apart from school, she sings on the side and contributes her vocals to the URI-based alt rock-R&B-fusion band, Nakamarra.

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