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Summer is was still in full swing and we have more new music for you. There has been A LOT releasing and we’re trying to keep up. We try to get to everything, but realistically we can’t always. Always late and always great!

Repetitive, but: we’re sorry if we missed you, but help us find you! Remember that if you have any new content for June that you can super easily submit it to us via a message to our contact page or through email

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ARGXS โ€” ARGXS: The Beat Tape ๐Ÿ’ฟ | (South Kingstown, Rhode Island)

Just hearing about ARGXS now so we don’t have too much information on him, but we do know he makes some chill beats. I’m not placing it in any category, but it’s hip-hop with his own spin on it. The South Kingstown producer brings, as he writes, “eccentric genres bridged by a drum, kick and snare.” Take a listen. 

AWOL MM โ€” “I Fall Apart” (AWOL MM Remix) ๐ŸŽต|  (Providence)

AWOL MM continues his 2019 tear with a new remix of Post Malone’s “I Fall Apart.” If you haven’t had the chance, check out his other tracks, hit up his Soundcloud profile and scroll through.

DJ Corv โ€” “The Real Hot Girl Summer!” ๐ŸŽต | (Providence)

DJ Corv dropped a new mix in the middle of August called “The Real Hot Girl Summer!” He writes, “While the City Boyz await their trophy for their summer success, the summer of 2019 will always be remembered as the ‘Hot Girl Summer.'” He’s right, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the music. While encouraging everyone to live their best life, Corv brings a mix with your favorite hot girls and some of the tracks that promote the movement. Time to go find the RABGAFBAN ladies.

MTWO โ€” “Thank You Come Again Vol 1″๐ŸŽต | (Providence)

Producer MTWO shares his “Thank You Come Again Vol 1” mix. Coming in at just under a half an hour in length, you get an eclectic mix of music that you might not usually hear together. From current music to the classics, he squeezes it all in there. Could you identify the local artists in the mix?

SuperSmashBroz x Wizz Dakota x Alejandro Blanco โ€” SuperKotaBlanco ๐Ÿ’ฟ  |  (Boston)

Muyi Fre$co and Noma Nomz โ€” together known as SuperSmashBroz โ€” come through with a new collab EP alongside Wizz Dakota and Alejandro Blanco called SuperKotaBlanco. 

Missed the duo at No Hype Fest on Sunday August 25? The lineup included the likes of Luke Bar$, Jiles, Lord Felix, $ean Wire, Cliff Notez, Lily Rayne and Gogo with Yung Towfu and DJ Slick Vick on the boards. Check out some recap footage in the “News” section.

Wattz โ€” “Amygdala” ๐ŸŽต |  (Providence)

ั‰โˆ†โ•ซโ‰ฅ continues his release streak with a new instrumental, “Amygdala.” By definition, the amygdalae are the part of your brain that processes memory, decision-making and emotional responses. Most of Wattz’s tracks induce some kind of emotion and this track is no different. Close your eyes and take a listen.

where’s nasty โ€” “Toast (WHERE’S NASTY Remix)” ๐ŸŽต |  (Providence)

We’ve been waiting for a mix from where’s nasty for a bit now. After dropping his “wuddup tho (mix)” back in February, we get some new Big Chunes from one of the most innovative minds making moves in the state. This remix of Koffee’s “Toast” got us moving our feet ready for the next Chunes party. If you missed it, we last saw him live at Daytrill which was is always a major event for the city. 

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$ole โ€” Expedition Everest  ๐Ÿ’ฟ |  (Providence)

New EP coming from Providence’s $ole. We previously heard his JD Beats-produced track “Light Hit,” which looked to be a single off of his EP, but it doesn’t appear on it. The seven-song EP stretches just under 20 minutes, but is worth the listen. Check it out:

C Spring โ€” “City of Angels” (feat. Kyle Bent)  |  (Boston)

Here we have a new track from Boston’s C Spring. C Spring is a producer, singer and multi instrumentalist who is known for his craft which comes from the ground up. He writes, records, produces, mixes and masters his music all out of Mind Flex Studios. Check out his latest “City of Angels” below and wait till September when you’ll get a new video for the track, appropriately shot in Los Angeles. 

Cam Brov โ€” “I.N.Y.B.” (feat. Slitty Wrists) ๐ŸŽต |  (Providence)

We have some new Cam Brov featuring Slitty Wrists this month. Not only are they both a part of the Hate Street Dialogue, but they’re also not the only members on this month’s Crafts. 

Camp Blood โ€” Camp Blood EP  ๐Ÿ’ฟ |  (Boston)

The Boston-based industrial hip-hop band Camp Blood just dropped their new self-titled EP. The band, made up of Haasan Barclay, Shaka Dendy and Matthew Thornton bring a new sound to hip-hop you know and love. If you’ve been around the scene in Boston,  you’ll know that Barclay brings energy in all of his music and performances and it doesn’t change with this. Stream and buy their EP today, while they’re also dropping a limited amount of cassette versions with a bonus track as well.

Cliff Notez โ€” “Happy” ๐ŸŽต | (Boston)

Boston’s Cliff Notez just dropped his latest “Happy”. In 2017, he dropped When The Sidewalk Endsa project that he writes is “the musical examination of the black-male psyche after enduring and continuing to survive both acute and general trauma.” His newest track features Latrell James, Moe Pope, Optic Bloom and Tyrek Greene. The track teeters back and forth between a regular beat and an uptempo dancey tune. Check it out for  yourself below.

Cousin Stizz โ€” Trying to Find My Next Thrill  ๐Ÿ’ฟ |  (Dorchester, Massachusetts)

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include anything from Dorchester’s Cousin Stizz. We’ve featured Stizz in the past with a multitude of releases he’s had, but here we have his second album, Trying to Find My Next Thrill and a short film to accompany it. The album features Freddie Gibbs, Smino, Yung Miami (of City Girls), local artist $ean Wire and more. Take a listen to the 14-track album below.

Catch Stizz at House of Blues on November 20.

Dee Gomes โ€” “Forever” feat. Polo G ๐ŸŽฅ | (Providence)

Following the success of his previous release, we get a new single and visuals from Dee Gomes featuring Polo G. The Jay Pusha-directed visuals give an eerie Watchmen feel. Aside from features here and there, this track is one of Gomes’ biggest releases since he dropped True Colors last year. 

Euro โ€” “Never Fold” / “Day Ones” ๐ŸŽต | (Providence)

In July, we get two highly-anticipated track from Providence’s Euro. Since signing with Young Money, he’s been the talk of YM especially after coming out firing in 2013 on Lil Wayne’s Dedication 5. Since then he’s appeared in the Young Money: Rise of an Empire compilation and subsequently on various singles as a featured artist. The culmination of this work is going to be Don’t Expect Nothing, which is set to drop in September.

In July, he dropped “Never Fold” and “Day Ones,” two tracks that are sure to set the precedent for the content we will get in his debut project. Where the wolves at?

Goonie Joka x El Indio โ€” “DOLLAR$ UP” | (Massachusetts)

Directed by Waxhug , we get a new track from B.R.O Gang โ€” El Indio and Goonie Joka. B.R.O Gang recently performed at Leathal Weekend III at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, opening up for RiFF RAFF and Bizarre of D12.

Israel Wusu โ€” Before It Starts / “Who’s Gonna Love Me” (Video) ๐Ÿ’ฟ ๐ŸŽฅ |  (Providence)

Israel Wusu follows the success of his breakout single “Who’s Gonna Love Me” with a new EP, Before It Starts. This isn’t his first release as he previously dropped a project a couple of years ago, but with the traction “WGLM” had, it was the right time to release this. The EP released in August and the video for “WGLM” dropped in July.

Jessy Piff โ€” “Rollies” ๐ŸŽฅ | (Rhode Island)

August brings us a new video from Jessy Piff. Piff remixes Travis Scott’s “Watch” and puts his own herbal twist to it. The video was shot and edited by Sketchy Nick.

Jiles โ€” Fuck Jiles ๐Ÿ’ฟ | (Brockton, Massachusetts)

Though listed as an EP, Jiles‘ newest drop comes amounts to 11 tracks of Jiles featuring Lord Felix, Starsky Go Dumb and Saint Lyor. Though dropping a new EP in the same month as fellow Van Buren Boy Lord Felix, Jiles took the time to release a new track at the end of August called “Fuck Jiles EP Out Now.” 

Jon Hope โ€” “Esperanza” / “BULLETPROOF” ๐ŸŽฅ |  (Providence)

Jon Hope continues his release streak with a new track and Roger Will-directed visuals. “Esperanza,” which means “hope” in Spanish, comes to us as a freestyle over the instrumental to J Cole’s “A Tale of 2 Cities”. Hope also takes the time to release “BULLETPROOF” along with some visuals. 

Kadeem โ€” World Sport  ๐Ÿ’ฟ | (Mattapan, Massachusetts)

Mattapan representer Kadeem drops his debut full-lengthed album World Sport. The 10-track release includes features from EightyEight and Wiardon. World Sport follows his 2018 EP The Game Is The Game and his singles “been here before” and “Wide Margins”. The release gives us hard beats and dope flows, reminiscent of Hil Holla.

Khary โ€” “Honesty (Freestyle)” / “Fuchsia” / “Platonic” / “Crime Pays (freestyle)” / “Hell No (THESE NIGGAS GOOD)” ๐ŸŽฅ ๐ŸŽต  |  (Providence)

Khary does what he does best and releases a number of tracks for his fans. For July and August, we get a freestyle over a Beato-flipped version of Pink $weat’s “Honesty,” “Fuchsia” featuring Kota The Friend and Haasan Barclay, “Platonic” featuring Grip, a freestyle to Freddie Gibbs’ “Crime Pays” and “Hell No (THESE NIGGAS GOOD)”. In addition to dropping those tracks, Khary announced a four-date fall tour. The tour only has four cities on it at the moment, but he is set to add more dates soon. 

Knellz โ€” “1-800” / “Exhausted” ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽฅ | (Providence)

I’m not sure who or what got him mad, but Knellz snaps on the Rap Al Ghul production. Go off Knellz.  We definitely had to run that back three or four times (and no it wasn’t because of his Mets line even though I โ€” Hensley โ€” am a huge Mets fan).

Another release we get from Knellz in August is his official video for “Exhausted.” The video was shot and edited by Larren Witter and comes off the album Magnificent. The video is a followup to the last visuals he released, “Talk Facts.” 

“It’s a story of love gone astray and dealing with the aftermath of heartbreak,” he said. “The true underlying meaning is about the mask that we put on when we go out to the world so we can cover up our real feelings.”

Latrell James โ€” Still  / “Grateful (Acoustic Version)” ๐Ÿ’ฟ๐ŸŽฅ |  (Dorchester, Massachusetts)

Dorchester-native Latrell James in what was a surprise to most, dropped an EP in July titled Still. The surprise factor of the release comes because he previously scrapped his album The Sky Might Fall to go back to the proverbial drawing board. With singles like “TracPhone” and “One Call” leading the charge, it was only time until James dropped a new project. In addition to the project, we have an acoustic version of “Grateful” with Christian Tremblay on the keys.

Lord Felix โ€” SUPERNOVA  ๐Ÿ’ฟ |  (Brockton, Massachusetts)

Lord Felix has continued to drop music in 2019. In February, he dropped In Bloom, ForeverULTRAVIOLET EP this summer and now we get SUPERNOVA from the Brockton artist. SUPERNOVA is a three-track release that features production from Leo The Kind, Ricky Felix, Slush Devil and Rolex Daytona. Take a listen to the masked wonder now.

Lunchbagg โ€” “Intuition”  ๐ŸŽต |  (Providence)

We have a new track from Lunchbagg this month, produced by Larry Ohh. The release of “Intuition” also marks the first track that Lunchbagg dropped after recently being endorsed by Swisher Sweets as a part of their Swisher Sound Artist Project. Check out his interview with them and vibe out to the electronic sounds of Larry Ohh in the track below.

Messy Tye โ€” Welcome to Messy Mania ๐Ÿ’ฟ |  (Providence)

Messy Tye drops his latest, Welcome to Messy Mania. As if it weren’t already apparent with the tracklist, the project, Tye said, caters to those who are fans of the wrestling culture and vintage wrestling. 

Nino Francis โ€” “Who is U” (feat. Latrell James) ๐ŸŽต | (Providence)

Nino really needs no introduction on 45s and 40s. After performing this track live a number of times, we finally get the CDQ version with a feature from Latrell James. The two complement each other on the track and just float.

Silver โ€” “Down” ๐ŸŽต |  (Rhode Island)

New track coming in from Silver. Produced by Ayo With the Mayo, engineered by Silver and mixed and mastered by Larry Ohh, who you’ll see featured above, Silver wonders if you’re really down.  The upbeat track serves as one of the singles that will lead up to the release of his upcoming Silver Tape. No word on the release date yet, but we know he’s been steady working on it. 

Sir Loin โ€” “Panini (Fatmix)” ๐ŸŽฅ | (Providence)

We have a new track and video from Sir Loin who doesn’t disappoint with his Fatmixes. Here we get a Fatmix of Lil Nas X’s “Panini.” Watch as he floats in some pasta and lets you know about how his diet went. Sketchy Nick gets his second video nod on this month’s list.

Slev The Def One โ€” “Nicely Done” ๐ŸŽฅ | (Rhode Island)

Slev The Def One drops the visuals for his latest track “Nicely Done”, a cut off of his upcoming, unnamed, project. He’s also a member of The Hate Street Dialogue, a collective that has been featured on Local Crafts before with the release of The Hate Tape. We’re only recently getting Slev so more information when we get it.

TheRealRed_GF โ€” “Flava In Ya Ear” / “I Want You Around (Remix)” / “Take It Easy (Remix)” ๐ŸŽฅ ๐ŸŽต |  (Los Angeles/Pawtucket)

After we featured TheRealRed full-length release, this man hasn’t stopped working. No days off is usually a motto, but Red’s someone that should be taken serious. The Pawtucket, Rhode Island native, now living in Los Angeles dropped three new tracks and a video in the last two months after having released P A Y H O M A G E in June.

Here we get Red switching it up. Where you thought he was only tackling New York-styled boom bap beats, he slows it down a bit.  

Vega โ€” “Execute” ๐ŸŽต |  (Providence)

Vega drops a new single “Execute.” The Providence artist-(re)turned-New-Yorker brings his unique sound to another release. In a market where trap remains omnipresent, Vega stays true to the kind of artist he has always been. The track is produced by Tower Beatz and artwork is by Chet.

Vick Mucka โ€” “Bending Blocks” ๐ŸŽฅ |  (Providence)

Providence artist Vick Mucka taps Houston’s Grizzle for this new track “Bending Blocks.” The video is directed by CBN One and features clips of Mucka performing and chillin with Grizzle in the studio. This release follows his previous track “Can’t Complain.”

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123 Astronaut โ€” “Tell Me What You Want” ๐ŸŽต  |  (Providence)

123 Astronaut are shifting into high gear as they approach the official release of their self-titled album. Following the last single “The Great Unknown,” July brings us a new track “Tell Me What You Want”. Listen to the Astronaut trio rock out and if you want to hear some more from them, pre-save their album and catch them at their album release party on September 19 at Machines with Magnets in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Clairo โ€” Immunity  (Carlisle, Massachusetts)

Up on Local Crafts once again we have Clairo โ€” this time around with her latest project Immunity. This release follows her 2018 EP diary 001. 

Helenor โ€” Something Twice  ๐Ÿ’ฟ |  (Boston)

If y’all want some smooooth indie, this is it right here. Helenor just dropped Something Twice in august and it’s a solid body of work. Now we feature music from all throughout Southern New England, but his lead single “Ocean State” is about his time living in Rhode Island so we have a little bit of a bias.

The release, Something Twice, is a “thematic diptych painted by … Helenor as an ode to the patterns in our lives.” Among the things you’ll hear are identity, relationships and confusion in the modern time. Check it out.

Tyler Palmer โ€” “No End” / “Tuesday” ๐ŸŽฅ  | (Providence)

Tyler Palmer, one half of the empty hour duo, drops the first two singles off of his upcoming debut album No End. We usually don’t hear Tyler vocally on empty hour’s songs, usually he’s taking care of the visuals or the background instruments. The alternative, indie rock “No End” and “Tuesday” gives us some new sounds that we don’t normally get here. The video for “No End” gives us stop motion visuals with a solo performance by Tyler.

Pre-save No End, dropping September 17.

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Mel Dee โ€” La Reconquista ๐Ÿ’ฟ |  (Providence)

July brought some summer heat from Mel Dee El Indecente. The Providence-based artist follows up his previous project El Proyecto with this new full-length project. The LP is made up mostly of Dembow tracks with a sprinkle of some Merengue urbano, nonetheless you get the Latin street sounds you’re looking for.

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R&B/Alternative R&B

Atto Pilot โ€” “Where (Alternate Version) ๐ŸŽต | (Providence)

We’ve previously seen Atto Pilot featured on here as a producer, but here we have the Providence producer and artist giving us a track of his own that isn’t just a beat. “Where (Alternate Version)” is a synthy/90s sounding track that serves as a different version to his track with a similar name.

Connis โ€” “Interim” / “Ditch the Function” / “Planets” ๐ŸŽฅ  |  (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Connis drops some visuals he and Simon Morrison filmed while out in Abiqui, New Mexico, New Orleans and Los Angeles with some help of mushrooms, he wrote. The track is dope and comes off of his debut March release Conn(is)

We currently have Connis listed in the R&B section due to the video for “Interim”, which we found first, but he released two more tracks in August. We have “Ditch the Function” with Lord Felix and “Planets” with Notebook P. The tracks were produced by Ricky Sour and Rilla Force, respectively. Listen below.

KREW$ โ€” “PUNK (Mix)”๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽฅ |  (Providence)

KREW$ follows his dual-song release with “Punk (Mix)”. The mix is a collection of  eight unfinished and unreleased tracks. The unreleased tracks include production from Beat Menace, Charlie Hotel, NNTYSXS, Unicorn Waves, Ill Instrumentals, Chad Desjarlais and KREW$ himself.

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Lord Felix song featured in York Athletics campaign

Van Buren Boy Lord Felix and Leo the Kind, whom we’ve mentioned a number of times this go around, had their music featured in a campaign with York Athletics and Olympian gymnast Aly Raisman. Peep:

stay silent hosts second, final Daytill of 2019

For the last couple of years, Providence’s stay silent has been hosting two huge day events. This year, the first Daytrill took place at the end of June and the second was toward the end of August. It’s been seven years since they started doing Daytrill and at this last one, they celebrated by bringing out 3,500 people to India Point Park in Providence. The DJ lineup included Wattz, Beato, Yung Towfu, where’s nasty, and special guest Chase B who is most notably Travis Scott’s DJ. 

SuperSmashBroz host first “No Hype Fest”

Blood brother-DJ-duo SuperSmashBroz hosted their first ever “No Hype Fest” concert this month at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Boston. There were performances by Lord Felix, Luke Bar$, Jiles, $ean Wire, Lily Rayne, Cliff Notez, Extracted Habits and more. Performances weren’t the only things jumpin as DJs Yung Towfu, Slick Vick and more were cuttin up the boards. 

Did we forget to mention SuperSmashBroz pulled up in a boat?


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That’s all we got for July and August 2019. Hope your summer has been dope and all that. 

We’re looking for writers, just shoot an email to us. Any genre let’s do it. (Congrats to our newest writer Brittany Burton for joining the team!)

It’s still Rest in Peace Nipsey Hussle. The Marathon Continues.

-45s and 40s

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