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Local Crafts: Southern New England in Music, May + June 2019

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It’s been a minute, thanks for bearing with us. Something special for everyone is a tandem Local Crafts featuring May AND June. Crazy right? Not so much, but keep scrolling and check out all of the music we have to offer. It’s a lot, but that’s ok. 

As we say every month, we’re sorry if we missed you, but help us find you! Remember that if you have any new content for June that you can super easily submit it to us via a message to our contact page or through email

If you would like to write for 45s and 40s, let us know because we can always use an extra hand.

The Playlist has been updated too. Click the image below to go right to it.

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AWOL MM β€” “Rap Niggas Not So Bad In LA” / “Fingias” / “Only” (AWOL MM Remixes)🎡|  (Providence)

AWOL has remained busy through much of 2019. Any track that drops has the chance to be turned into an AWOL MM Remix (do we have to trademark it at this point?). It doesn’t matter what genre it is, no track is safe. Here you can check out three of his latest remixes by way of three artists β€” Nipsey Hussle (Long Live Nip/#TMC), Paloma Mami and Sasha Sloan.

Nick Costa β€” RULS (Random Unfinished Leaks) πŸ’Ώ |  (Providence)

Nick Costa, a producer out of Providence, just dropped his newest body of work containing music that he hasn’t released until now. The eight-track EP features Supreme Scribe, Jessy Piff, Lunchbagg and more. The project was entirely produced by Costa and it follows his previous strictly-instrumental tape Polaroid Pilot. 

SuperSmashBroz β€” “Get Your Vibes Right Vol. 7” 🎡  |  (Boston)

Muyi Fre$co and Noma Nomz come through with the seventh installment of “Get Your Vibes Right.” It’s a smooth hour worth of music that you can play wherever and whenever. 

Wattz β€” “Honesty (Wattz Remix)” / “Gone” / MERCY /What We Called Love” 🎡 πŸ’Ώ |  (Providence)

Ρ‰βˆ†β•«β‰₯ is tired of giving us so much new content, but he isn’t. April gave us a remix of Snoh Aalegra’s “I Want You Around” but Wattz has been busy. We wrote about MERCY before, but it’s finally up on Soundcloud if you haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet. After you catch up to that, be sure to check out the rest he dropped. That “Honesty” remix is FIIIIIIREEEEE. I like it better than the original to be honest, sorry Pink Sweat$.  

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$ole β€” “Light Hit” (prod. JD Beats) / “LAME” 🎡 πŸŽ₯ |  (Providence)

New track dropping in from Providence’s $ole. Produced by JD Beats, “Light Hit” serves as one of the first singles on $ole’s upcoming project Expedition Everest. We wrote that in May, but now that we’re recapping June, we have the visuals for his track “LAME,” produced by Tash Beats.

ALMTY YAMI β€” “Hold Me Down” 🎡 |  (Providence)

Last month, ALMTY YAMI brought us the official video for his song “BratzDoll” off of his 2018 release Blood Queen (Deluxe Edition). Here we have YAMI with a brand new track, “Hold Me Down.” The track comes as the first of what will be several weekly installments of new releases by YAMI. A series he’s calling #ALMTYSUNDAYS. Check out the track below.

Camden Murphy β€” Island Boy   (Newport, Rhode Island)

June gives us fresh sounds from Camden Murphy. We last posted about him when he dropped his track “Smoothie,” but now we have a whole project. Island Boy gives us the Murphy sounds we know and love with some new flows and beats.

Hil Holla β€” “WCF” 🎡 |  (Providence)

Produced by Derrick Pannther, this iteration of Local Crafts gives us a new cut from Hil Holla. The track is  a single off of his upcoming Contract Year. It’s a breath of fresh air listening to this type of flow and beat as opposed to the more trap and 808-heavy songs, comparatively speaking.

Israel Wusu β€” “Who’s Gonna Love Me?” 🎡 |  (Providence)

Israel Wusu got one with this track. Probably one of the dopest songs to come out of Providence, or anywhere for that matter, in a while. While not his first release β€” this track follows his FLOWERSFORJORGE EP and a couple of other singles β€” it definitely feels different. The Kevin Katana-produced track rings off like a Sango beat while maintaining its own sound. The premiere for the video is coming in July.

Jon Hope β€” “REALER” + film 🎡 πŸŽ₯ |  (Providence)

May brings us some new music from Jon Hope. Directed by CBN One, we also get the visuals to Hope’s track “Realer.” The video was shot in a museum and it looks dope. The track touches on, what Hope says, are the “casualties of being authentic.” He wrote “we live in a time where its better to value fake friendships [and] relationships…where fake news is dominant…lies are more meaningful than truth…”


Khary β€” “Father’s Gun” / THIS πŸŽ₯ πŸ’Ώ |  (Providence)

Khary gives us a much-needed dose of new music April and over the course of the last two months, he has released enough to keep his fans busy for a bit (but with the way people consume music now, who knows if that is even true anymore). He gives us the visuals for “Father’s Gun” and also dropped a new seven-track project called THIS.

 His last release was UHHH and now with THIS and the announcement of IS, it appears our theory that he’ll drop a set of projects; UHHH, THIS, IS and WEIRD is happening

Latrell James β€” “Tracphone” / “One Call” πŸŽ₯ 🎡 |  (Boston)

Dorchester-native Latrell James dropped a new video for his song “Tracphone.” Go ahead and comb through it and try to find some underlying meanings. His other release, “One Call” brings us a more soulful jam. The self-produced track touches on the reality of mortality with hopes to have folks check up on their loved ones. 

If you missed it, James held a listening party for the album that will never be released, The Sky Might Fall. 

Check out this article on Latrell James by WBUR on decided to go back to the drawing board after being ready to drop a new album. 

Lily Rayne β€” FEMME / “Girls Night Out/H.D.Y.F.” πŸ’Ώ πŸŽ₯ |  (Providence)

Lily Rayne follows up her 2017 release RHODE GIRL EP with her latest FEMME. We’ve been covering Rayne’s drops for the last year or so and this project shows off her growth and progress since RHODE GIRL. The first cut we heard from FEMME, before we knew that would be the name, was “I Might.” After some features on other tracks, like Code Green’s “With Ease,” it’s all culminated to FEMME. 

She recently performed alongside many other Rhode Island notables at The Night Before. Keep 45s and 40s in your bookmarks as we’ll be dropping reviews of both and more very soon. 

Lord Felix β€” ULTRAVIOLET EP  πŸ’Ώ |  (Brockton, Massachusetts)

We last featured Lord Felix when he dropped In Bloom, Forever in February and now we have some new music after a couple of months. ULTRAVIOLET EP is a three-track release that features Leo The Kind and Notebook P with production from Rilla Force, Leo The Kind, Lilacs and GARA. Take a listen to the masked wonder now.

LouBill$ β€” Unorthodox / “Okay” (prod. MTWO) πŸ’Ώ 🎡 |  (Providence)

LouBill$ follows up his 2018 EP Undergrad with his latest called Unorthodox. He also followed that release by jumping on the MTWO-produced track “Okay.” That track serves as the second single off of MTWO and LouBill$’ upcoming collab-project Griot Boy.

Lunchbagg β€” “Lunchbagg”  πŸŽ₯ |  (Providence)

We have some new visuals from Lunchbagg this month. “Blueprints,” which Lunchbagg released a couple of months ago, finally gets the video treatment. The video was shot in Costa Rica.

Nino Francis “Vibes” πŸŽ₯ |  (Providence)

Nino keeps dropping gold, but in this case we have a new video. Directed by where’s nasty and shot by CBNOne, the video opens up with us following Beato to a Cumberland Farms and grabbing some things for the party they’re about to throw. The scene shifts to the party and they break out a disposable camera and start taking pictures. In this video we get cameos from Hil Holla, Saybz, ALMTY YAMI, Wongo, Tan and more. 

Peter Piffen β€” “Live While I’m Alive” 🎡 |  (Providence)

Peter Piffen drops a new track for us in May. This track, produced by Larry Ohh, comes as the first of a new unnamed series Piffen is doing where he’s pushing two tracks a month. Being the first track he’s released this year, we can expect a lot of work from Piffen this year. Stay tuned.  

Project Gurl β€” “Agua” /  “MOOD” 🎡 |  (Pawtucket, Rhode Island)

Here’s a new submission this time by way of female Venezuelan rapper Project Gurl. “Agua,” produced by EternalBlackHeart gives us a double dose of Project Gurl where we get to hear her rap in Spanish and English. After dropping that track, she dropped “MOOD,” produced by CashMoneyAP.

TheRealRed_GF β€” P A Y H O M A G E πŸ’Ώ  |  (Los Angeles/Pawtucket)

TheRealRed has just dropped his latest P A Y H O M A G E and he’s already thinking about what’s next up. The LA transplant, by way of Pawtucket, Rhode Island (he won’t let you forget that), has brought us a new look for Red in the form of a full project. He talks life, experiences and more over original beats and sampled ones. Be on the lookout for our interview with him coming soon.  

Sooper Vega β€” “Dollar” 🎡 |  (Providence)

Vega drops his latest single “Dollar.” The Providence artist brings his unique sound to yet another release. 

Tan β€” “Agent 0” (feat. Hench) / “I Want the Dough” 🎡 |  (Providence)

Better late than never we always say, especially to drop any music you’ve been sitting on. In May, Tan dropped two new tracks β€” new to us because he said he’s been sitting on them for quite some time. “Agent 0” is produced by Juvi and features his brother Hench whereas “I Want the Dough” is just him and is produced by 12 Noon.  

Vick Mucka β€” “Can’t Complain” (feat. Fatflee Nucklez, Roddy Ricch) 🎡 |  (Providence)

Boston and Providence (and Compton) come together on this one. Providence’s Vick Mucka, Compton’s Roddy Ricch and Boston’s Fatflee Nucklez connect to bring “Can’t Complain.” 

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123 Astronaut β€” “The Great Unknown” 🎡  |  (Providence)

I think the last time we featured 123 Astronaut 

self titled debut september

Medical Maps β€” Be Whelmed  |  (Boston)

Medical Maps follows their 2017 release Soft on Crime with some new tunes for 2019. Medical Maps makes music that takes you from a folk sound to a progressive one and beyond. The five-man Boston-area-based band bring years of experience together in one place and make it work. 

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Jay Ramirez β€” “Si Volveria A Nacer”  πŸŽ₯  |  (Providence)

Cuando no estas metiendose en lio y chiste por Instagram o Twitter, Jay Ramirez esta cantando. En Mayo el bachatero presento su nuevo video para la cancion “Si Volveria A Nacer” con Daniel Santacruz y aqui lo tenemos.

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R&B/Alternative R&B

Hamad β€” “Til Dawn” / “Tingy Ting” πŸŽ₯  |  (Providence)

Hamad’s been steady working, dropping new joints here and there. While kicking it by the water, Hamad gives us some visuals for “Til Dawn.” We also got another track from Hamad called “Tingy Ting”.

KREW$ β€” “not even her” / “Ghost”🎡πŸŽ₯ |  (Providence)

KREW$ is back (not that he ever went anywhere) with some solo stuff after we dropped his newest with empty hour. First up we have his self-produced track “not even her.” I won’t ever not be impressed with what he releases and it shows with this one. “not even her” follows “sorry” and “Personal” that came a couple months prior. As a bonus, scroll down and check out a snippet of an unfinished track he posted on Twitter. 

We also have the video to “ghost” following the track.

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That’s all we got for May and June 2019. Hope your summer has started out damn lit. Congrats to those who performed at PVD Fest and also at The Night Before. You’ll be hearing about it very soon. 

We’re looking for writers, just shoot an email to us. Any genre let’s do it.

It’s still Rest in Peace Nipsey Hussle. The Marathon Continues.

-45s and 40s

Hensley Carrasco
Hensley graduated from the University of Rhode Island where he was the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, the Good 5 Cent Cigar. He founded the site with hopes to add to the ever-growing digital music newsroom. Hensley generally writes about Hip-Hop, but other genres are not out of his writing spectrum. On the side, Hensley is a photographer, specializing in concert photography.

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