Local Crafts: Southern New England in music, February 2019

The shortest month of the year has come and gone but the amount of content hasn’t diminished. There was a slight surge in the amount of music we found or that was submitted and for that we thank you. Black History Month is also home to Dominican Independence Day (#DeLoMio) so you should understand we made sure to cover our bases. As always, we’re sorry if we missed you, but help us find you! Remember that if you have any new content for March to submit shoot a message to our contact page or send an email to us.

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Fresh: Cam Bells, FBGM, JΓ­nenji, KREW$, Lord Felix, Mel Dee El Indecente, Statik Selektah, Spocka Summa, Young Sen
Retired: Dee Gomes (“Standards”), Injdwetrust, JΓ­nenji (“As The Moon Falls Down”), Khary (“Holy Ghost”), mesori grey, Raiche (“Complicated”), SuperSmashBroz

Click the artwork below to go to the official Spotify-exclusive Local Crafts playlist. Be sure to follow the playlist and check back every month for new updates. The songs are hand-picked and the playlist was created to be listened front to back. but shuffling is ok. Also, for the best listening experience, go to your settings and add a 7-10 second crossfade. You’re welcome.

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FBGM β€” “High”  🎡 |  (Boston)

Last May we featured “Apple Trees” from the Boston-based genderless/genreless duo FBGM who are coming off of a west-coast tour. Since the last time we posted some of their music, the duo has been doing their thing. Their new single “High” is a song that “came out of nowhere,” Matt Jatkola said in their press release. Jatkola said they sent the demo to fellow FBGM-member D Orxata at 2 a.m. The song has been a part of their live sets, but the song wasn’t completed until this month. Stream or pay-what-you-want for the song on their Bandcamp. 


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Beato β€” “SAD GROOVE VOLUME 2” 🎡 |  (Providence)

Even though this list dropped after Valentine’s Day there’s no excuse not to go back and listen to the glory of what was dropped throughout the entire month. Here we have Beato who follows up his 2018 “Sad Groove: Volume 1” with …. volume two. With a run time of just under 43 minutes, you’re not short on music. Hey, you’re probably going to find yourself holding out Shazam to find out what the name of a song is. 

JΓ­nenji β€” UMI EP  πŸ’Ώ |  (Providence)

Providence producer Jinenji dropped his debut project only a couple of months ago and has just released a two-track EP called UMI EP. The songs “Song of Four Seasons” and “VIDA” draw sounds from two influential musicians in Jinenji’s life, Nujabes and J Dilla. Unrelated to this post, but it’s chilling that Nujabes and J Dilla were both on the same date β€” February 7, 1974 β€” and passed away in the same month a couple of years apart (February).  

DJ Nes β€” “Valentine’s Day 19′” 🎡|  (Providence)

DJ Nes brings you half an hour of Valentine’s Day mood music. Nes dropped at the beginning of the month to get you in the mood early. This version follows his 2018 mix and later in February, Nes uploaded a revisited 2017 mix just in case you wanted to go through the years and hear what you’ve missed from him. 

Statik Selektah β€” Mahalo (The Hawaii Instrumentals)  πŸ’Ώ |  (Boston)

The Boston legend Statik Selektah just dropped his first ever instrumental album, Mahalo. The full-on instrumental album just adds another badge to the Selektah’s sash that has accolades from the many years that he’s been in the music game. The 13-track release is a mixture of instrumentals off of records and live performances Selek saw while in Hawaii, Roc Nation writes. Selek wrote that he started the project while in Hawaii and completed it in about a week.

Mahalo is used in Hawaii “to express gratitude.” 

where’s nasty β€” “wuddup tho (mix)”  🎡|  (Providence)

Adding to the illustrious selection of slow jam mixes is where’s nasty. He describes the playlist as “Something for us to kick it to. Just tryna see what’s good with you.” The cover art is something to marvel at as well. Sabrina Dorsainvil‘s illustration features notable black women including Sade and… the other half of stay silent β€” Sabrina? Yeah, it’s dope.

While you’re here check out what stay silent dropped recently for the launch of 47’s HBCU collection. 

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B. Mac β€” “2 Cold” πŸŽ₯ | 

B. Mac serves up his latest “2 Cold.” The track is accompanied by a video, but not one you’d normally expect. The almost-stop-motion style video features a series of drawn pieces that reflect the lyrics to the song. Almost like a lyric video, if you will. 

Dutch ReBelle β€” “Credit”  πŸŽ₯|  (Boston)

Dutch ReBelle has been a mainstay in the Boston music scene for a while. As long as we’ve been aware of the Boston music scene, we’ve known about ReBelle. She crowdfunded $15,000 to support the release of her latest full-length project Bang, Bang. She was recently invited to speak about it at Berklee Online’s “The Roaring Crowdfund” podcast’s live event. ReBelle premiered the video for track two on Bang, Bang, “Credit,” at the top of February. In the video, ReBelle is sitting in an art gallery with animated portraits all over featuring herself and also different accolades. If you look closely you can see a Boston Hip-Hop Class of 2011 from the no-longer-around Boston Phoenix, photos of  ReBelle and the cover of her album. Named the 2018 Best Music Artist by Boston Magazine, ReBelle is worth checking out.

J Cinatra β€” “Super Poppin” (prod. Tony Royal) 🎡|  (Hyde Park, Massachusetts)

The Hyde Park-native J Cinatra is back this month with a new track, “Super Poppin.” Like “RNS,” which he dropped last month, we get another song produced by Tony Royal. The track is more bubbly than that of “RNS,” but still worth a couple of rotations in your playlist. The release of these two tracks is moving Cinatra toward the release of a new mixtape that we don’t know too much about other than its existence.

Jefe Replay β€” Proper Finessments  πŸ’Ώ |  (Roxbury, Massachusetts)

Easily in contention for one of the top projects of the year β€” and it’s only March β€” Jefe Replay follows the release of “Foreign Exchange” with his full-length project. Roxbury’s Replay shows off his versatility on this one with everything from slower tracks and faster-paced ones with high energy. Interestingly enough, the project dropped on February 1, 2019 β€”02/1/19 β€” 02119, also what is the Roxbury zipcode. Check out what makes this project so personal and worth the wait below.

Want to celebrate the new album? Head to Sonia on March 23. Tickets available now.

Jessy Piff β€” “POTATO SALAD TREEMIX” 🎡|  (Rhode Island)

Jessy Piff shows off his versatility in jumping on any track with his “Treemix” to Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky’s “Potato Salad.” Piff’s been dropping loosies here and there since the release of his last project No Brakes. Between his son, the occasional tour and music, the man’s been keeping himself busy and has remained fairly consistent as long as we’ve known him.

Lord Felix β€” In Bloom, Forever /  “Weight Off (Live)”  /  “Nothing. (Live)”  πŸ’ΏπŸŽ₯x2  |  (Brockton, Massachusetts)

The always mysterious, faceless Lord Felix dropped the official video to his track “Nothing” last month, but this month he hit a career milestone. The anticipated In Bloom, Forever officially dropped along with live versions of “Weight Off” and “Nothing.” alongside SpaceBandEntertainment β€” Sebastien St. Hubert and Kervins Bruno. The 10-track debut album features Meech, Notebook P, Clyde Black and fellow Brockton rappers Jiles, Luke Bar$ and Jvdas. Production comes from RRAREBEAR, Leo The Kind, Donato, Shans, Ricky Felix, Berzerker, SB95, Monte Booker, Yellow Synth, JVDAS and Felix himself.

Lunchbagg β€” “#NEWMUSIC #BLUEPRINTS <3” 🎡|  (Providence)

Glad to see Lunchbagg still churning out music in 2019. This release follow’s his last release “Bagg Alert”. Most of his songs are produced by himself which shows off his versatility as an artist. Learn a little bit more about Lunchbagg in an interview we did with him in 2017. 

THEREALREDGF β€” “Y.S.L.” “FOR THE GANG” 🎡|  (Pawtucket, Rhode Island)

We’ve known THEREALREDGF since college and have been paying attention the last year or so where he’s been uploading freestyles onto Instagram. By freestyles, we mean FREESTYLES. In addition to being a masterful sneaker enthusiast β€” with a collection that rivals 90 percent of the people I know β€” Red also records, engineers and mixes all of his music. Currently living on the West Coast, Red still drops by to visit his home state and makes sure you don’t forget where he’s from in his music. This month we get “Y.S.L.” and “FOR THE GANG” while he focuses on his upcoming mixtape Pay Homage.


Silver β€” “Forget About It” / “Today” / “NeverLand” 🎡|  (Providence)

Here we have a new submission for February. I’m not too familiar with Silver, but I’m starting to get around to what he’s been releasing. February stood as a busy month for him as he dropped three new tracks, one of which featured another artist Teir. 

Slitty Wrists x Jesse the Tree β€” ASTHMA  πŸ’Ώ |  (Rhode Island)

Both Slitty Wrists and Jesse the Tree believe in a lot of the same things, hence them coming together to create ASTHMA. The seven-track offering covers concerns about the Earth, growth, family, a powerful interlude and more. The collaborative release was named as such because it “represent[s] the problems of being a young artist in the world we currently live in.” 

Spocka Summa β€” The Greeen EP  πŸ’Ώ |  (Providence)

Spocka Summa has been around the music scene in Rhode Island for quite some time. From opening for big-name artists to selling out his own headline shows to touring all over the United States, he’s been doing it. He’s been putting on for up-and-coming artists around the area with his jams and showcases all around with his company Summer 88. He followed the release of his last project The Progression 001 with his newest release The Greeen EP β€” once more being executively produced by LastChildMusik. The concept of the EP follows that of The Progression in that turning a blind eye will cause robots to take over. Robots being humans consumed with technology and becoming reliant of it. Full feature coming soon.

“Both eyes wide. As I walk to the edge of the cliff made of wires, I can see a hand reach for me in the distance. It gestured two options β€” leap forward to certain death, or turn a blind eye to the truth. This is the nature of the green.”

Suriel β€” “Letter 2 My Fans” πŸŽ₯|  (Lynn, Massachusetts)

His 2018 release Blank Slate was named one of the top seven albums of the year by WBUR and for good reason. The Lynn-native Suriel took some time out from being on the road to release a quick minute video dedicated to the fans, and also the proverbial haters, that have been around.

Vick Mucka β€” “At the Door” πŸŽ₯ |  (Providence)

After teasing the track back in November, Vick Mvcka dropped the official Shot by TMP and Tevin De’Caprio-directed video for “At The Door” this month.

WHYTRI β€” LUCIES VOL.1  πŸ’Ώ |  (Everett, Massachusetts)

Following the success of his headline show at Middle East, which you can read about here, WHYTRI thanked his fans by dropping LUCIES VOL.1. The collection is a mix of songs that didn’t make his 2018 A Bad Porno. Production on LUCIES comes from WHYTRI, Brezeen, Nick Costa and Icekrim with a feature from Nino on “WYD.”

Young Sen β€” UnSensored  πŸ’Ώ|  (Providence)

Young Sen comes through with a new EP UnSensored. The last release we heard from Sen, “Ando,” was a little bit different than what you’ll find on UnSensored. The five-track EP features production from Tee-Watt & M.Ali, Kylejunior, Blanco, Kim J and Kat Lightning while also featuring Lil Ice on “Bandz.” 

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Aura β€” “Pushback 5”  πŸ“°πŸŽ₯ |  (Providence)

The name might not be familiar to folks who have been following Local Crafts for some time, but the person is familiar. The artist formerly known as Iris Creamer is now going by her given name, Aura. “I want U to understand it was much less of a persona and more of a stage name. so u can expect the new work i’ll be releasing to have that same honesty and quirkiness ^_^,” she wrote on Twitter. 

With the name change, Aura released a new track in January and premiered the official video for “Pushback 5” in February. The song was produced by Florida’s ɘqobKING (Δ“Δ“-COB-king) and the video was shot by Todo Productions with co-direction from Aura.  Want to catch her live? Check her out at The Met on March 9 supporting CupcakKe

Clairo β€” “Bubble Gum” / “Sis”

They’re not new tracks, but Clairo got “Bubble Gum” and “Sis” onto more streaming services after having them sitting in the Soundcloud world for the last couple of years. Always refreshing to go back to older work. She also has a benefit show at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, with support from Men I Trust, on April 11.  All ticket and merch proceeds will go toward the American Civil Liberties Union, the Transgender Law Center and the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association.  Tickets are already available.

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Mel Dee El Indecente β€” Mel Dee El Proyecto πŸ’Ώ |  (Providence)

Mel Dee El Indecente has been on our radar since he dropped the video to “Eso Da Pa To” featuring Ceky Viciny back in October. This month he brings us his newest project β€” a 10-track offering featuring a mix of mambo, Latin trap music and dembow. Catch the opening track “La Funda” on the Local Crafts playlist on Spotify.

Melly Sings β€” “Cheri” (prod. – Prod. By Mozart) 🎡|  (New York/Providence)

Prod. By Mozart jumps on the production for this track by Melly Sings. The track brings the world vibes we’re used to hearing from Mozart’s productions. Check it out below.

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R&B/Alternative R&B

Andrew Dimarzo β€” Bare Bones  πŸ’Ώ |  (Boston)

Andrew Dimarzo Trio makes the same music, but has one difference β€” no more Trio. It’s not that Dimarzo and the other members split up, it was a decision to rebrand made because he plays “with many unique musicians” and those he plays with aren’t always the same. We won’t get too much into it because a review is imminent; in the meantime check it out on his Bandcamp.

This release is also coupled by four previously released videos.

Cam Bells β€” CBPVD πŸ’Ώ |  (Providence)

Cam Bells‘ dropped his “Swervin'” remix by Wattz last month and follows it up with the whole thing. CBPVD is Bells’ latest effort and brings us full sprint into R&B Cam mode. We won’t get too much into it as we’re dropping a full review in March, but just know if you liked any of his previous work, this won’t disappoint. 

KREW$ β€” “Personal” / “sorry” 🎡|  

KREW$ follows up his January release “ghost” by doubling up in February and releasing two new tracks, “Personal” and “sorry,” the latter produced by ace milad.  His usual gingerly-paced flow is swapped out for a more upbeat and bouncy flow on “sorry.” Another change in the KREW$ normalcy that we see in “sorry” is the song runs for four minutes which is more than a minute above the average KREW$ track (sample size: last 12 songs released not including empty hour).

Raiche β€” Drive πŸ’Ώ |  (Pittsfield, Massachusetts)

Though she has since relocated from Pittsfield, singer Raiche has been setting the scene ablaze and still reppin where she’s from. The Atlantic Records signee released “Complicated” last month and on the last day of February dropped her newest project Drive

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Dee Gomes x King OSF β€” “Troops” on Revolt

Big ups to Dee Gomes and KING OSF who saw their track “Troops” off of Gomes’ December release True Colors.

Jon Hope x Vick Mvcka

Big congrats to Jon Hope and Vick Mvcka who received blessings this month not even a week apart. 

WHYTRI β€” Headline show at Middle East Upstairs

February was a big month for WHYTRI. Along with dropping LUCIES Vol. 1, he performed at his first headline show at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Check out our review of the show.

That’s it for January 2019. Hope the new year brings you all nothing but success.

Also we’re looking for writers, just shoot an email to us. Any genre let’s do it.

-45s and 40s

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Hensley graduated from the University of Rhode Island where he was the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, the Good 5 Cent Cigar. He founded the site with hopes to add to the ever-growing digital music newsroom. Hensley generally writes about Hip-Hop, but other genres are not out of his writing spectrum. On the side, Hensley is a photographer, specializing in concert photography.

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