Local Crafts: Southern New England in music, December 2018

Happy New Year! Well, technically it “isn’t” the new year because we’re releasing December’s Local Crafts…but it’s January so we’re good. This month we have some new faces and also a wide variety of music from Gen 93, Mesori Grey, Ólu and more. 

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Fresh: Dee Gomes, Gen 93, INJDWETRUST, Lily Rayne, Mesori Grey, Michael Christmas, Nino, Ólu  
Expired: BIA, Gin Mason


Click the artwork below to go to the official Spotify-exclusive Local Crafts playlist. Be sure to follow the playlist and check back every month for new updates. The songs are hand-picked and the playlist was created to be listened front to back. but shuffle is ok. Also, for the best listening experience, go to your settings and add a 7-10 second crossfade. You’re welcome.

 Hip-hop | Indie/Rock/AlternativeLatin/World | R&B 


Adao — “Flight” “Nighttime” “Everyday” |  (Pawtucket)

Just got hip to Adao (ay-doh) from Pawtucket who dropped three new tracks in December. Currently he’s working on Keep It A Buck, his first EP (the name could be a play on words considering Pawtucket is known by many as “The Bucket”). Check out the three DonnyGotDrumz-produced tracks below.

ALMTY Ceez — “Thought You Knew” / “Respect the Game [CeezMIX]”  |  (Providence)

The end of December brought us the first single off of the upcoming ALMTY Ceez LP, Top Floor. The song is produced by Swiss Frankie and gives us a feel similar to what we heard from ALMTY Yami’s Blood QueenThis isn’t to take away from the fact that Ceez can rap too, as you can hear in his “Respect the Game [CeezMIX].”

ALMTY Yami — “BlessUp+” 🎥  |  (Providence)

ALMTY Yami and JOHN link up to for some visuals to their track “BlessUp+” off of Yami’s Blood Queen. The video was directed by Ceasar LaTorre. The video’s energy matches what you’d find on the rest of the album, down to the red tint you get throughout.

Code Green — “Reasons” 🎥 |  (Rhode Island)

Local Crafts mainstays Code Green have not stopped dropping new content this year. The same way they started the year, they’re ending it. With new content. The song was produced by Cxdy and the video was directed by Triston. You catch Code Green in Chinatown and hitting up an overlook. We’re for sure looking forward to whatever new project they might be working on.  

Dee Gomes — True Colors  |  (Rhode Island)

Dee Gomes follows his 2017 release TwelveZeroNine with this new project True Colors. The 13-track album features King OSF, Lil Santana, Lily Rayne, Shyfi and Rasandra with production from INJDWETRUST, Cam Bells and more. One of the biggest singles off the project was “Standards,” and though the song has an ill island vibe, the rest of the tape shows off Gomes’ ability to make music as an artist and not be solely categorized as a rapper or singer.

Gen 93 — “Run They Mouf”  |  (Rhode Island)

Gen 93 have been quiet for some time but Brian and Romen are back to their music-making ways. Their latest release is “Run They Mouf” which is produced by D’Artizt. The track gives me the similar feelings that I get from either early Mac Miller tracks or, probably more accurate, Alex Wiley tracks. This looks to be just the beginning for the duo this year.

Israel Wusu — “Feels.”  |  (Providence)

Israel Wusu is another new artist we just came across. Earlier in the year he dropped his FLOWERSFORJORGE EP, but has since started to release more new music. This isn’t the only track we have with Wusu this month. Check out below he has a new one with Ólu. This track follows his previous release “SAFETY.”

Jae Reason — “Pray For Me”  |  (Rhode Island)

December gives us a new video from Jae Reason. Directed by Kevin Salinas, this is the first release we have seen from Reason in quite some time. “Pray For Me” follows his November release “All Me.” We’re glad to see some more Reason and are looking forward to seeing what else he has in store. 

Khary — Uhhh / “No Idols” / “Mobbin'” 🎥 |  (Providence)

Khary has had a busy 2018 and closed it out the same. From releasing Captain to going on a cross-country tour with Sylvan Lacue, Khary has been working. As with any release, immediately after releasing Captain, fans wanted more music. Khary teased music and eventually ended up releasing a couple of singles in addition to the Uhhh EP.  His video for “Mobbin'” and Uhhh were set back due to a damaged hard drive.  “No Idols” by Austin Marc features Khary, Mayzin and Olukara. Uhhh features production from Cloud Atrium, Austin Marc and Tedd Boyd with features from Topaz Jones, Haasan Barclay and Cloud Atrium. 

Knellz — Magnificent  |  (Providence)

Magnificent comes as the first new music we’ve heard from Knellz (kay-nehlz) in quite some time. This debut 8-track album has tales of heartbreak, struggles and more of what he’s experienced. With the aid of only a couple of producers, the album boasts no features to give you Knellz telling his story on his own. On the Take As Needed Podcast, Knellz talked about his processes for this album. Listen below.

Mesori Grey — “Halo Prince”  |  (Providence)

Mesori Grey, from Providence, just dropped a new track “Halo Prince” featuring Sokin toward the middle of the month. This track follows his previous release “Exactly:Remix” that featured Ashton Travis. The song was produced by Young Kio. We don’t have much info on Grey, but we know that the art was by him as well as the track’s engineering.

Michael Christmas — “SIDEWAYS” / “SAY CHEESE”  |  (Boston)

Michael Christmas gave his fans a couple of presents this holiday season with two new singles. Christmas has been busy already in 2018, releasing his newest project Role Model on Fool’s Gold Records. 

Sabz x Ozxy — “TRAP” 🎥  |  (Rhode Island)

Exclusively premiering on This is the Plug, Sabz and Ozxy just dropped some visuals for their track “TRAP.” The two keep everything about the premiere extremely local. From the producer of the song, Leel Bank, to the director of the video, Red Eye Movies, to the blog they chose to premiere it on. 

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Jay Ramirez — “Jugando Amarnos” – 🎥  |  (Providence)

Jay Ramirez, who we’ve featured in the past with some of his other music, hails from Providence and has been dropping new music here and there throughout the last couple of years. He rose to fame on Instagram with his comedy skits, but has recently made a big push to release new music and videos. The track follows his October release, “Me Provocas.”

Ólu x Israel Wusu — “One 4 Me”  |  (Rhode Island)

If anyone knows me or has been following Local Crafts, you know some of my favorite kind of music in the past year has been Afrobeats. Here we have Ólu and Israel Wusu, who we featured earlier in this roundup. Ólu has been making music, as far as we can tell, for the last couple of years but has really found a sound with Afrobeats — which he has been creating for the last year or two. Wusu wrote that a joint tape between the two should be expected and if it sounds like this, we’re hip.

Pimpchito — “Sigue Rodando” |  (Boston)

Pimpchito just dropped a new one. We’re just getting hip to the Boston artist, but with this new dembow-style track, produced by Stivenz Beats, we’re hoping to hear more. “Sigue Rodando” is one of those party songs that hypes you up when it drops in the middle of an event. I’m curious to see if a video drops for it too. We’ll see, but for now, vamos a seguir rodando. 

Sen — “ANDO”  |  (Providence)

Sen makes her second appearance on Local Crafts with  a complete 180 from her last release. Last month, we had her video for her song “Drive,” which  featured her showing off her rapping skills. This month, we get Sen with a dope new Spanish track. The worst part about the song is that it only runs for less than two minutes but the dembow-style beat and lyrics prove that Sen can flip whenever she wants. Hit us up if this song is on Spotify, we want to add it to the playlist.  

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R&B/Alternative R&B

Lily Rayne — “Drinks On Me” 🎥  |  (Rhode Island)

She’s not new to this playlist by any means. Lily Rayne is back with a new video and track, “Drinks On Me.” The song takes a different feel than “I Might,” which released earlier this year but got the video treatment last month. The video, directed by Ronald Jusayan, follows Rayne around Providence stopping at a couple of different notable places downtown and throughout.

Nino — There’s No Love After Sunset  |  (Providence)

In December we wrote about Nino’s newest release There’s No Love After Sunset and it’s no surprise you’re finding it here on Local Crafts. He took the time to sit with The Daily Note’s Don Coogi on his podcast and talk about TNLAS. The project comes in at around 20 minutes, but that was done intentionally. He told Coogi that he likes to make his projects “the length of travel.” To Nino, the project is “a collection of songs that kind of explain and envision [his] thoughts after midnight.” It’s personal and good. Check it out.

Iight. We’re out.
See y’all in January with more new music. As always swing any new content you might have.

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