Lunchbagg drops new track ‘Bagg Alert’ off of upcoming album

Stream “Bagg Alert” 

Providence rapper Lunchbagg premieres the first single, “Bagg Alert,” off of his upcoming project.


This isn’t Lunchbagg’s first time on 45s and 40s as we’ve had the chance to interview him and feature him in Local Crafts. The concept of the song and its title is to be interpreted any which way you want.

“The ‘Bagg’ is anything that you want it to be,” Lunchbagg told us. “Many people think it’s just about getting money but it’s more than that at this point. My [fans] know that the ‘Bagg’ for them is different than the ‘Bagg’ for someone else. When I say ‘Bagg Alert – I’m back to work’ in the song that basically lets you know what its about; we get the ‘Bagg’ and get right back to the grind.”

The song takes up autotune, but it wasn’t originally that way. Lunchbagg said he went through a couple of different versions of the song. “I’ve always been melody driven so this was a natural evolution for me,” he said. Lunchbagg likes being eclectic and it shows in the different types of music he’s put out. 

The song is produced by Lunchbagg and is the first single off of his upcoming project. He hasn’t settled on the name but is leaning toward “Bad Apple.” 

You heard it here first. Maybe literally. 

Hensley Carrasco
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