Nino releases newest project, ‘There’s No Love After Sunset’

After pumping out music for the better part of the year, Providence’s Nino Green (no more green; don’t call him that) took a slight break and has returned with a new album.

The six-track release totals out to just under 20 minutes that doesn’t feel that way at times. It’s a concept that has gone from being an anomaly to something more prevalent in music today. The idea of a shorter release was originally connotated with not being enough content, but the accessibility to so much music makes this a new standard. The ability to jump from song to song and album to album makes the need for projects like There’s No Love After Sunset palpable. Rather than attributing the low number of tracks to an EP — which it isn’t — Nino said the length was a calculated decision.

While on the Kickin’ It with Don Coogi podcast, Coogi — co-founder of the music website The Daily Note — spoke to Nino about his latest release.

“I like to make my projects the length of travel,” Nino told Coogi. “So if you get in your car and you could listen to the project from point a to point b in the car, it’s perfect.”

I wait for the nightfall/
I pray for the nightfall/
To see you again


He attributes the length of There’s No Love After Sunset to fellow Providence rapper Hil Holla. He said Hil told him to treat his project as a movie soundtrack and give it a sound for every mood and “you got it.”

Nino called TNLAS “a collection of songs that kind of explain and envision my thoughts after midnight.” The project is very personal and he considers it his “most honest and well-rounded work yet.” It shows for the young Providence artist as he’s gone from strictly rapping to now adapting to a new sound that hasn’t always been in his repertoire. Though he only directly spoke on the influence that Kanye West’s 808 and Heartbreaks had on him, after originally not being a fan, the sounds of other artists can be faintly distinguished.

While both “Hplss” and “Rmntc” released earlier this year, he didn’t want them to fall to the wayside. The uptempo “Nightfall” has a tempo and similar to Buddy’s “Trouble on Central” or Toro Y Moi’s Boo Boo. A synthy-piano track with a groovy pattern. It’s definitely the track that will give his “Vibes” some comp at the next Cam Bells or stay silent event. Realistically, I’m just waiting for Nino to release a Daft Punk-esque album with the keys 

TNLAS follows Nino’s last releases, Vibes: The Remixes, “The Ride” and June. In the last 12 months, he’s released five projects – counting the two-song HPLSS RMNTC – and a number of singles.

Along with recording and producing his own music, Nino works with others on Provide PVD — a play on the word Providence — where he was able to help perfect his graphic design skills. His designs and creative direction is distinct and prevalent in all of his album artwork, stay silent events, WHYTRI‘s latest release, which we covered, and more.

All of this content continues to push him further and further along and it shows. If you’re looking to list the hardest working people in Rhode Island, don’t forget to add Nino to your list.

Check him out on the 45s and 40s Spotify playlist. Some more Nino will be added at the end of December.

Hensley Carrasco
Hensley graduated from the University of Rhode Island where he was the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, the Good 5 Cent Cigar. He founded the site with hopes to add to the ever-growing digital music newsroom. Hensley generally writes about Hip-Hop, but other genres are not out of his writing spectrum. On the side, Hensley is a photographer, specializing in concert photography.

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