Local Crafts: Southern New England in music, November 2018

It’s that time again, Local Crafts has what you need. Thanksgiving is over and whether you chose to celebrate, cook, see family or screw the meaning behind it, you can rest assured that we have the music part of your holiday covered. It was a slow month in the newsroom as we didn’t find as many projects as we usually do, but we’ll make up for it soon.

Don’t forget about the playlist!!

Fresh: Arkh Zeus, BIA, Clairo, GMD Jets (more on the way)
Expired: Code Green x Lily Rayne, Latrell James, Paper Citizen (more possibly on the way)


Click the artwork below to go to the official Spotify-exclusive Local Crafts playlist. Be sure to follow the playlist and check back every month for new updates. The songs are hand-picked and the playlist was created to be listened front to back. but shuffle is ok. Also, for the best listening experience, go to your settings and add a 7-10 second crossfade. You’re welcome.

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Jinénji — Rembrandt’s Way Home   |  (Providence)

Jinenji hit us last month with the first single to his then-upcoming project Rembrandt’s Way Home, but now we get the full release. After having not put any music out publicly for the better part of his producing career, Jinénji has finally begun to release his productions to the world. Check out the five-track Rembrandt’s Way Home below while he continues to practice cheating in Super Smash Bros. — I mean his practice his production skills.

SuperSmashBroz — “Sway in the Morning Guest Mix”  |  (Boston)

SuperSmashBroz, the DJ duo from Boston and not related to the aforementioned reference, is made up of Noma-Nomz and DJ Fre$co — who you may recognize either from a viral meme or, if you’re in tune with the Boston music scene, as Michael Christmas‘ official DJ. The duo were guests on Sway’s Shade45 “Sway in the Morning” radio show. 


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Avenue x Deon Chase —Nightfall  |  (Boston)

After having remained dormant in the project department since the release of his 2016 cut Mass Ave & Lenox, Avenue and Deon Chase link up for the release of Nightfall. Being some of the innovators of the new age wave of Boston hip-hop, the two bring more of the classic hip-hop sound — à la A Tribe Called Quest — a fusion of beats, rhymes and life.

Production on the nine-track Nightfall is taken care of by Cooking To Kill, made up of Frank the Butcher and The Arcitype. With almost an even split, you get Avenue on six tracks and Deon Chase on five, including the three they collab on. The album features the likes of New York’s Bodega Bamz and Michigan’s Willie the Kid and Rhode Island’s Hil Holla.

Code Green — “The Path” (video)  |  (Rhode Island)

Local Crafts mainstays Code Green just dropped a video for their track “The Path.” They first teased the video on Halloween, but released it in the first week of November. The video takes on almost a purge-style look where the Code Green boys ride around in a Jeep with masks and different weapons. 

Flawless Real Talk — “Uproar (Freestyle)”  |  (Providence)

After being featured last month with his BET Awards Cypher appearance, Flawless Real Talk is back with another freestyle. This time coming by way of a Freeform Friday freestyle over Lil Wayne’s chart-topping Tha Carter V track “Uproar.”

GMD Jets — “42 Bars”  |  (New Bedford, Massachusetts)

Massachusetts rapper GMD Jets dropped a quick 42 bars video at the end of the month. The quick video follows the release of the video to “One Day,” a feel-good type track where he talks about how things will be on the up and up. With “42 Bars” you get a simple beat filled with some bass and hi hats. The video was shot by Nemesio and edited by J. Silva.

King OSF — Twenty Three & One  |  (Providence)

King OSF, who we saw on Dee Gomes‘ “REPLAY” last month, just dropped a new project Twenty Three & One. If you’re a fan of the triplet flow mixed with spacey beats you’ll find a home with some of the tracks on this project. If you’re a fan of hard beats and rapping and singing, you’ll find a home with some of the tracks on this project. If you’re a fan of–to be honest, I’m not sure there is a track that isn’t hittin on this project.

Check out the new project and the video for “23-1” below. Looking for more King OSF? On January 20 you can catch him at The Strand in Providence where he and Dee Gomes will be supporting Lil TJay. 

Myke Bogan — “Pickathon” (feat. Khary)  |  (Portland, Oregan / Providence)

We hadn’t heard of Myke Bogan before this collab with Providence’s Khary, but he just dropped the trippy visuals to his track “Pickathon.” Full of inverted colors, warping camera effects and more, Bogan’s visuals match the track pretty well. 

Sen — “Drive”  |  (Boston)

Sen might appear to be what you imagine a typical singer to look like, but I wouldn’t assume as you’d be hard pressed to call her a singer. The Boston rapper dropped the video to “Drive,” which was shot by Gaby Gonzalez. The song originally released back in February, but it gets the long-awaited visuals. Peep Sen whippin an all-white Porsche through the Boston night in this video. 

$wifty — “Need You”  |  (Providence)

$wifty is a rapper/producer out of Providence. We just found out about him so we don’t have much in the info department, but check out this uptempo track from the Providence cat.  

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R&B/Alternative R&B


Jean Lou — Supernova Girl 

Back in May, Jean Lou dropped what we called “a breath of fresh air,” in what was Melodies & Remedies Vol. 1. It’s clear-cut that he’s been working hard these past couple months and it shows with the fact he has a new release already. Production on this one comes from Mantra, Pawel Wilk and Rrarebear. Check it out below.

Lily Rayne — “I Might” (video)  |  (Rhode Island)

We first featured Lily Rayne‘s “I Might” track in May and this month we get the official video. Rayne’s video takes place indoors and features a gang of girls with her, by virtue of the chorus where she says “I might f— yo bitch…” Take a look at the visuals for the Moflo-produced track below.

Manny X — R.A.W. /  “Vagabond” (Prod. Larry Ohh) – (video) |  (Rhode Island)

Last month Manny X delivered singles upon singles — every Friday — for the entire month of October. Originally, he was to release his project R.A.W. in October but pushed it back to the first week of November. Seven years after his last full-length release, we have his latest. The 12-song release features Priscilla Montero and Notes with production from Larry Ohh, Exale and more. 

Below you’ll also find the lyric video to the Larry Ohh-produced “Vagabond.”

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Khary Fader Feature  |  (Providence)

Previously having interned at The Fader, Khary gets his deserved feature. Read about the artist and how he got to where he is now. 

Iight. We’re out.
See y’all in the New Year and definitely with more!

-45s and 40s

Hensley Carrasco
Hensley graduated from the University of Rhode Island where he was the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, the Good 5 Cent Cigar. He founded the site with hopes to add to the ever-growing digital music newsroom. Hensley generally writes about Hip-Hop, but other genres are not out of his writing spectrum. On the side, Hensley is a photographer, specializing in concert photography.

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