The Faim rock through Boston’s Brighton Music Hall

The four-piece band played at the famed Brighton Music Hall last Friday.

The Faim lead singer Josh Raven at Brighton Music Hall | Photo by Jesse Jupiter Yelin

The Faim continued their trek through the U.S., while touring with Arlington, Hands Like Horses, Devour The Day and Emarosa, with a stop at the Brighton Music Hall in Allston, Massachusetts Friday night.

The Faim played second on Friday, following Arlington just before 7:30 p.m. They opened their set with “My 

Heart Needs to Breathe” and made sure they started their set at full force. Although their set lasted just shy of 30 minutes, The Faim left us wanting more. Josh Raven, lead singer of The Faim, did not settle for a laid back performance, and his stage presence was stellar. The Australian singer and frontman jumped, stomped, got on his knees and even ran and danced through the crowd during the band’s closing song. Sweat dripped down the singer’s face, and during their song “Make Believe,” it even looked as though Raven was crying from the emotion being put into the song. 

“This song comes from a very special place in our hearts,” Raven said while introducing “Make Believe.”

It was impressive to hear the extent of Raven’s killer voice as he was belting out every note and his entire soul into the crowd. The rest of the band paced back and forth between each other, and had everyone singing along and dancing to beats and melodies. Sam Tye, guitarist of The Faim whom we spoke to last week, even broke his strap toward the end of their set, but still managed to wiggle around and continue rocking out while a staff member taped it up for him.

The Faim guitarist Sam Tye at Brighton Music Hall | Photo by Jesse Jupiter Yelin

The venue was jam packed and set a fun and friendly New England atmosphere. Although the audience was hyped for headliner band, Hands Like Houses, and Kentucky band, Emarosa, the crowd was nodding and vibing to the energy The Faim brought to the show. After the show, I even had the pleasure to speak with the bass player, Stephen Beerkens, and even got a picture with Josh Raven himself. The boys were genuinely nice people and were very grateful for their fans coming to the show. They looked to be having a wonderful time in the states, despite Raven stating that the weather here was very, very different from Australia.

Writer Cynthia Munrayos and The Faim lead singer Josh Raven | Photo by Jesse Jupiter Yelin
Cynthia Munrayos
Cynthia is an incoming junior at the University of Rhode Island, and is a double major in English and Journalism. She currently is a contributing writer for the Entertainment section at URI's Good Five Cent Cigar. She has an eclectic music taste that stretches from hip-hop, R&B and soul/jazz to punk, alternative rock and even a little ambient, electronic music every now and then. Apart from school, she sings on the side and contributes her vocals to the URI-based alt rock-R&B-fusion band, Nakamarra.

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