Local Crafts: Southern New England in music, August 2018

During last month’s Local Crafts, we gave you some new music and videos from a bunch of familiar faces. This month, we have a couple more mixes for you to listen to and maybe expand your taste in local talent. We’re still looking for that breakthrough in the Latin or World genre (we got one, but we want more), so if you know of anyone, swing their name. Check them out.

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Wattz — “5 Seconds of Summer (Wattz Remix)”  (Rhode Island)

Wattz, who we feature below with where’s nasty, drops a smooth remix of Youngblood’s “5 Seconds of Summer.” If you like the original track, you’ll enjoy this one too.

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ALMTY YAMI — “Put You on Game (freestyle)” | (Rhode Island)

ALMTY Yami, whom we featured a couple of months ago for his tape Blood Queen, just dropped a freestyle. Yami also announced the deluxe edition to Blood Queen that is set to drop, appropriately enough, on October 31. 

AWOL MM — “Shmoney” (feat. VO$) | (Providence)

Providence’s AWOL MM just dropped a new track featuring VO$. The track, produced by AWOL MM, sounds as if it got a bit of inspiration from Gorillaz’ “Clint Eastwood” but gives it a new life. This track follows AWOL’s last release “8288,” which he also released this year.  

Bodega Los — “Walk” – (Video) | (Providence)

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Bodega Los on 45s and 40s, but it’s been a while. Here we have some new Jamiere Wilson-directed visuals from the Prov artist spittin a freestyle over Young M.A.’s “Walk.” 

“You burn that bridge/
You live under that bitch/
You turn to a troll”

Chizz Capo — Don’t Blink  | (Boston)

Hailing from Boston, Chizz Capo just dropped his newest album. Regarding the 15-track project, he says it is his “best free creative work[…]so much time and thought and critique was put in.” And it shows. Rather than taking the whole project to himself and spitting a couple of new verses multiple times, he enlists on some local artists to give the project an extra layer of vibrancy. Production by Jason13, DBlaze, Isaiahvalmont, Isthatmacc, Geek, Black Mayo, tony royal and SoundsbyIvcey fills the project with features from Mark V, Bookbag Boonie, Ellese Mariah, Treva Holmes, Reem Skully, Prince Smooth, Polo Summer and even Youngin True, who we feature below. Check it out.

Code Green — “With Ease” (feat. Lily Rayne) – (Video) | (Rhode Island)

Code Green has been one of the most frequent Local Crafts features, which is a good thing because that means they’ve been consistently pushing out new music. The Overdos-produced track is accompanied by a Ronald Jusayan-shot and directed video. The Code Green boys connect with Lily Rayne, putting them in both Los Angeles and Providence. Scenes overlooking the Providence skyline and the Doric park basketball court are all too familiar to anyone from around here.

Cousin Stizz — All Adds Up  |  (Boston)

The Dorchester-native Cousin Stizz dropped an EP in August, featuring three tracks to let his fans know he’s still working. This new EP follows his last two releases Monda and One Night OnlyThe feel of the new project changes with each song but maintains the same idea that he’s succeeded in his own right, but there’s still more to go to continue that path.

Dutch ReBelle — “Supafly” – (Video) | (Boston)

Dutch ReBelle and her friends kick it back a couple of decades for the video to her newest track “Supafly.” The ladies have clothing to match the time along with visual effects to give it an old, VHS feel. Some technology is mixed in so it’s not completely in the 70s, but the concept is there. The title matches the Curtis Mayfield track and album by a similar name. Check out the J.AS Productionz-produced and Quality Images TV-shot video below.

Foolish Heart — “Tell Me” / “Switch Up” – (Video) | (Rhode Island)

Foolish Heart, member of local outlet The Daily Note, just dropped a new video for his track “Switch Up,” off his project Tomfooleryon the very last day of the month. Watch him play some Nintendo Switch, party in a pool, hang with friends — include The Daily Note’s Don Coogi and Mizuchi, who produced the track— and his dog. He also dropped a new track, “Tell Me,” produced by D Maul, earlier this month. The track, he wrote, was something new and he tried experimenting with new styles and getting out of his comfort zone.


Gucci Boy Barz — “Streets Going Crazy” (feat. Trap Mac) – (Video) | (Providence)

Gucci Boy Barz and his boys go crazy in this Tevin De’Caprio-shot video. They have their own block party and it feels more like a party with a music video attached. Everyone’s vibing and simply having a good time. Last month he was at Shade 45 and dropped a freestyle and a couple of months ago he dropped Provs Most Hated 2Peep him and Trap Mac below.

Jay Jones — “La Whoadee” (feat. Euro) | (New Orleans / Providence)

The two Young Money artists Jay Jones and Euro connect on “La Whoadee.” Jay Jones hails from Lil Wayne’s hometown of New Orleans — Hollygrove to be exact — and Euro comes in from Providence, giving us the local ties. Euro’s currently working on his next project that, he says, will be out very soon.

Jessy Piff — No Brakes  (Rhode Island)

After steadily releasing new content for the last couple of months, Jessy Piff has finally released his project No Brakes. “I cant believe the album is actually out,” he wrote on Instagram. “[T]hanks to everyone that helped directly or indirectly. [G] o stream the fuck out of this, honestly I put my fucking foot in this album I hope you guys like it.” Listen below:

Khary — Tour/Kickstarter/2 new songs | (Providence)

At this point, Khary is going to be the resident artist on Local Crafts. He’s been featured, if I’m not mistaken, every month or almost every month that we’ve been doing Local Crafts. This month he has a slew of new content. Normally we’d include the song titles in the artist header, but there’s a lot already in there. 

Khary is going on tour! The Providence artist is hitting the road supporting Sylvan Lacue, with some other friends, starting September 19. Boston’s Michael Christmas will also be joining select dates. To support the tour, he started a Kickstarter with a goal of $7,000.  He’s since reached the goal, but you can continue to donate as of writing.

From renting a van and hotel rooms, to food and flights, tour can quickly put an independent artist in the hole. I want to bring a 6 man team along with me (DJ, manager, videographer, etc…) to make sure everything runs smoothly. I’ve estimated that it will cost about 7K to bring this dream to life on a bare minimum level and be rollin’ like Limp Bizkit.

Onto the music. Each time fans hit a certain goal in the Kickstarter, Khary released one new track, which was extremely generous of him considering he released a new album in April and has dropped new visuals since. The two tracks he gave us were “people just like being mad on the internet,” produced by Austin Marc and featuring Cloud Atrium, and “DEAD,” produced by Alexander Lewis and Y2K.


Latrell James — “Mona Lisa Bonet” (prod.  Light Foot Beats) | (Boston)

It’s a vibe!! This super dope dancey track has come in with only about a month and a half left of the summer. We’re not mad, but this definitely might boil over into the Fall. Easily. Latrell James and Light Foot Beats team up for this song that very much reminds me of Goldlink’s “Meditation.” It’s the KAYTRANADA sound that I get from it and it’s a complete vibe. Just give me a music video with some crazy energy. Maybe a drop top near a beach. I’m not sure yet. Shout out to Kitsuné for releasing the track.

Rouben DO3 — “ANSWRS!” – (Video) | (Rhode Island) 

Rouben DO3 drops his latest visuals for his track “ANSWRS.” The KrazeBeats-produced track features a mellow beat that goes with the Tevin De’Caprio-shot video. The video is even more special for Rouben because he shot a portion of it at the cemetery where a couple of his late family members are buried. If you’re looking for more Rouben DO3, check out his last release, a remix to Nicki Minaj and Tekashi 6ix9ine’s “FEFE”.

Supreme Scribe — Past Due | (Rhode Island)

I’m not going to say that this EP isn’t appropriately titled — because it is. Supreme Scribe is easily one of my favorite artists that I’ve discovered within the last couple of years. His sets are entertaining and energetic and his content is well put together. Here we have a new four-pack of songs for fans who have been waiting for some new content. Production on the project is from Sorryantho, 4K, BanditLuce and Cxdy, while it features friends Jessy Piff and Sean Dizzy Blade. Check it:

Vega — “R.I.P.” | (Providence)

It’s been a while since we heard from Vega. Music is a process and not exactly something you can create overnight. You need to perfect your sound and also criticize yourself. Doing so allows you to release quality, not quantity. This new track has Vega “dropping bar for bar references and lines that will have even the most cunning of hip-hop fans having to rewind and play it back.” 


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Paper Citizen — “Clockwork Reasons” – (Video)  | (Boston)

Indie rock singer-songwriter Paper Citizen, who has roots in Singapore, released the official video to her song “Clockwork Reasons.” The song comes off of her upcoming five-track EP Distractions, which follows her 2016 debut EP Postcards In Transit. Buro writes the upcoming project is “a portrait of love, sadness and contemplation.” She plans to tour for this album, so be on the lookout. Distractions releases September 7. 

Watch the new video below:

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Bad Rabbits — Mimi  (Boston)

Back on our list is Bad Rabbits. I’ve been a fan of their work since I first saw them perform songs from their Stick Up Kids EP in 2009 — opening for Wale at what was then known as Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel (I still have a physical copy, but that’s neither here nor there). As we noted before, it’s been a couple of years since their last full-length release, but it’s 2018 and we have Mimi.  Here’s how they explained the release to Verge Campus.

“We wanted to base the themes around this fictional character,” explains Sheel. “She’s the through-line. All of the illustrations and songs feature Mimi in some way. Musically, the album represents what we’ve always done, but it’s a little more adventurous.” “In a sense, the character represents our infatuation with phones and social media,” says Fredua. “She’s all about Starbucks lattes and taking selfies in random places. Mimi is spontaneous and crazy, but fun to be around. When I think of her, I think of my quintessential dream girl. It’s instant attraction.”

“We’re countering the stereotypes and telling a crazy, over sexualized story from a female point-of-view,” adds Salim. “We’re not trying to give you the perspectives of a bunch of 35-year-old guys. It’s not about us – it’s all about Mimi. You don’t even know if Mimi is talking about a girl or a guy. It’s more relatable that way—and mysterious.

We’re celebrating women of all shapes, colors, sizes and walks of life in these songs. Some are meant to be lighthearted but then we have a song called ‘F on the J.O.B.’ that deals with the serious topic of sexual harassment in the workplace. Women need to be respected, period, and we’re telling that viewpoint through the story of Mimi.”

Olivia King — “Over You” | (Rhode Island)

The Rhode Island singer Olivia King has released her first new song in about a month. “Over You,” a collaborative effort with guitarist Corcovado, follows the releases of “Leaving You” and “Deserve Me.” She is also coming off of a New England Music Awards nomination for Female Performer of the Year so her buzz is high. Those votes are currently being tallied and will be officially presented at the awards show on September 8. 

where’s nasty — “U Remind Me of Summer 5 (mix)” / “Imitadora” (Afro Remix) w/ Wattz | (Providence)

Back with another installment of his “U Remind Me of Summer” series. You might remember where’s nasty from the inclusion of his set at Sway in the Morning for our June Local Crafts, but he’s back here with a new summer mix. The summer isn’t over until September 22, so take this and ride to it until then. The “U Remind Me of Summer” mix has been going on since December 2015 and looks to continue going for a while.

The second one we’re throwing in the mix is his Afro remix (with Wattz) of Romeo Santos’ “Imitadora.” This one also has summer vibes but appeals to anyone looking to get down.

Youngin True  — Temporary Forevers  | (Boston)

It’s been a bit since we last had new content from Youngin True, but that’s not to say he has been quiet on his own front. True has been working on the release of his latest album Temporary Forevers. The 18-track project brings some smooth R&B vibes straight out of Boston. Check out our interview with him and listen to it below. 



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