EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Andrew DiMarzo Trio release ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ video

The Boston-based Andrew DiMarzo Trio‘s latest release is a cover to The Verve‘s 1997 release “Bittersweet Symphony,” but with a fusion of soul and rock. 

The soulful, rock-heavy Trio has been hard at work since coming together February 2017. Already with an abundance of performing experience and an EP under their belt, they have officially released their newest video exclusively with 45s and 40s. 

Andrew DiMarzo Trio courtesy Giulia Delle Femine

The three-piece band is currently made up of vocalist and guitarist Andrew DiMarzo, drummer Steven Viol and bassist Herman Ramando. However, there are more than just the three that contribute to the eclectic and international makeup of the band.  Takaki Nakamura and Tancredi Lo Cigno contribute to the drums while Choby Scheufler and Achal Murthy contribute to the bass. These members hailing from Malaysia, Italy, Luxembourg, Newark, Brasil, New York City and Los Angeles all contribute to the sounds you hear in studio or at live performances. 

DiMarzo grew up listening to The Verve and through the release of “Bittersweet Symphony,” DiMarzo wrote the trio intends to send the message. One “of a conscious acknowledgment about the predicament that people are in — often getting so caught up in the ‘hustle’ that [they] forget to truly LIVE. And at the same time, maintaining a graceful understanding that maybe there can still be a significant meaning behind it all.”

The video for the release was inspired by The Trio’s desire to capture their perspective on the original song in “a way that could help to exemplify [their] constant intention to do things their own way, without ever losing [their] own style as a band,” DiMarzo wrote. Even if it was to cover another artist’s song.

Andrew DiMarzo Trio courtesy Giulia Delle Femine

The video, which was recorded at The Record Co. in Roxbury Crossing, Massachusetts, was edited by Alec Hutson and mixed by Dave Lambe.

This past February, the Trio released their debut six-song EP, ForeverGrowDiMarzo said his current favorite song released by the Trio is “Roots,” the opening track on the EP. 

“It sounds as if it is a love song,” he wrote. “But it is totally all about being present for my higher power, and how when I’m present, so is that energy and feeling of universal love and interconnectedness with all of life. The lyrics themselves are totally spiritual and the song structure and vibes are simply fucking fun to play! There are some groove shifts in the song, some really pretty vocal lines, and it’s just a banger to play with the dudes!”

Check out the video above and their full EP below. 


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