Locals Sweet Babylon release newest album ‘New Beginnings’

The Fall River, Massachusetts-based ska-punk band drops their newest album.

On the surface Kyle Platt, Izzy Star, and Lenny Batista — the guys who make up the ska-punk band Sweet Babylon — appear to just be three friends who love music. Go to a few shows, take a listen to the songs and get to know these guys the way I have and you will find that they are exactly three friends who love music. It seems so simple and obvious but what else should they be?

In my experience with this trio they really do just have a passion for music and every bit of my talk with

Photo by Jack Foley (via Herald News)

guitarist/vocalist Kyle Platt put that passion on display. Platt with ease rattled off a list of his influences with a list of reasons why to match and even mentioned he could have gone longer.

He’s influenced by artists such as Bradley Nowell of Sublime fame, Aaron Barrett of Reel Big Fish fame and Tom Delonge of Blink-182 fame. His admiration, he says, is due, in part, to their ability to, simply put, write a good song. Their versatility comes from their ability to write a funny song, a serious song or even a simple song that comes off as fun. He went on to say he really drew his inspiration from a quote he heard from Nowell about how they didn’t write punk songs or write reggae songs or ska songs, they just wanted to write good songs.

An ideal Platt holds close and strives to emulate when writing a new song. He was excited to boast that Sweet Babylon’s New Beginnings tackles multiple genres like punk, reggae, ska, classic rock, and for the first time as a band, some classic two-tone — the way their last album Ideal Personality had before. He just loves to leave listeners guessing what this band can do next.

The biggest monument to the passion for music this band has is just how much they love not only their own music, but the local scene. In all my time playing music in this area I’m not sure I’ve ever met a band that was so invested in not only their success, but the success of the bands around them. When I asked Platt to open up about his local love a bit he was delighted to talk about how he knows we all love music and we all want to make this our lives and it’s on all of us to try and do it together.  

“If one of us makes it,” Platt said. “We all can make it.”

He said the band has promoted this new album release party “the local way.” The boys in Sweet Babylon have been hustling talking to local podcasts and newspapers while putting up posters at local business themselves. Just another example of their commitment, hard work and passion.

On June 30, the band played at Fête Music Hall in Providence, Rhode Island alongside Shorecity and Skyseekers Band.

Hard work has been poured into this album and the release party and it’s time for them to enjoy the moment. If your familiar with Sweet Babylon then you know the fun you’re in for. If you haven’t then what better time to introduce yourselves with New Beginnings.


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