Hail The Sun release two singles off upcoming album ‘Mental Knife’

The California band releases two singles before they embarked on the Warped Tour's final year.

After their Secret Wars EP, Hail The Sun is giving fans a sneak peak of their upcoming album, Mental Knife, with the release of two tracks, “Suffocating Syndrome” and “Mental Knife.”

Mental Knife, the album, is set to release on September 28, but for now, the band released the two songs along with a music video for “Mental Knife.” The song  is a perfect and emotional fit to the instrumentals. Like most Hail The Sun songs, there’s no idea of what to expect because tempos, emotions and moods are flying all sorts of ways during track their tracks. Of course, they do it in such an organized manner that makes everything else work with each other.


“Mental Knife” has no build up, starting off at full force. In the music video, the lead singer and drummer, Donovan Melero, is shown attacking a clone of himself with a knife. At first, he can be seen standing with a girl outside an elevator. At the same time, his clone comes in and stabs him in the middle of what seems like discussion between the Donovan and the girl.

The lyrics, “I prep the mental knife/ We cut and we tear what we’re wanting to part with,” uncovers the meaning that one either wants to end or put their problems aside for the sake of being mentally present and not stuck in the past. Another take could simply mean that one must keep their mental thoughts clean and healthy in order to move on. The mind may not take it well at first, but will eventually even its way out as the music continues to play.

Unlike “Mental Knife,” “Suffocating Syndrome” works in a reversed order. The vocals start off more subtle as opposed to “Mental Knife,” but both songs parade the liveliness in each wave of their sound. They put their all in everything they release regardless of it being an EP or an album. They come back with similar sounds in the most original ways.

For the moment, Hail The Sun has released the two singles as a peak for what is about to explode in our faces. The band is having pre-sales on bundles for merch and the release of their upcoming album.

The album’s artwork, which resembles the Hail The Sun logo in a heartrate monitor, represents a movement of ups and downs and level variations during their songs. Both songs reveal different vibes and future visions of what to expect for the upcoming album.

Watch the “Mental Knife” video above and listen to “Suffocating Syndrome” below and preorder the new album today

Cynthia Munrayos
Cynthia is an incoming junior at the University of Rhode Island, and is a double major in English and Journalism. She currently is a contributing writer for the Entertainment section at URI's Good Five Cent Cigar. She has an eclectic music taste that stretches from hip-hop, R&B and soul/jazz to punk, alternative rock and even a little ambient, electronic music every now and then. Apart from school, she sings on the side and contributes her vocals to the URI-based alt rock-R&B-fusion band, Nakamarra.

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