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Local Crafts: Southern New England in music, April 2018

We put together a non-exhaustive list of music and music-related news for Southern New England in our Local Crafts series.

Local Crafts is a new series here at 45s and 40s where we take music, videos and music-related news from Southern New England and feed that to readers in a non-exhaustive list. This list doesn’t include absolutely everything that has been released, but it does pay special attention to submissions, our posts and other things that cross/are shared in our timelines. There is not enough coverage of the talent in our area and we just want to be a platform.

Think there’s too much hip-hop? Want your music here? Email us at submit@45sand40s.com. All genres accepted.


Cam Bells – “Swervin’” (Providence, Rhode Island)

The Prince of PVD follows his 2017 EP Young King, Old Soul, with some new music for the year. The track is written, produced, mastered and performed by Cam Bells under CBPVD. The single is the first release of 2018 for Cam, but also serves as the lead track on his upcoming R&B project. Don’t sleep on him, the rapper can sing quite well. Listen to the track below.

J Cinatra – Skateland (Boston)

We know this project wasn’t released in April, but that’s when we dropped a feature for it…so for the sake of a month in review, we’re throwing it into the mix. J Cinatra released his 16-track project at the end of February and it serves as a bit of a nostalgic project for the Boston artist. Production almost exclusively by Antonio tha Great, Cinatra lays vocals down on the smooth tracks.

Jon Hope – “Eat” (Official Video) (Providence)

Following the release of his Savage Beauty project last October, Jon Hope has been steadily been performing and releasing visuals to pair with the sounds of his album. The latest comes in the form of the Kris Fame-produced “Eat.”

Khary – Captain (Providence)

Khary has continued to improve with the release of every project. As does most artists this day and age, he uses his experiences to help shape the content he pushes out. Khary’s presence shot up with the release of his 2016 project Intern Aquarium, but the artist “wants you to distance yourself” from that, Billboard writes . He followed that up with a couple more releases before starting the releases for Captain. He performed coast to coast and continued to tease and release singles culminating into the release of this project. Take a listen!

KREW$ — Decoy (Providence)

“A beautiful distraction,” is what KREW$ writes about his latest project Decoy. He just linked up with Tyler Palmer to start up the duo Empty Hour…but we’ll get to that for May. This project is super dope and I’m upset I hadn’t heard it right when it released. If you’re into a more R&B approach to music, this is one for you.

Lunchbagg x Larry Ohh – “Came a Long Way” (Providence)

With production by Larry Ohh, Lunchbagg lays down vocals on this EDM-inspired hip-hop track. The song released at the end of April exclusively on 45s and 40s. “Came a Long Way” is the second single released by the two in the last month, the first being “Take 2,” a track with a slower beat, but still sprinkled with an EDM influence. Lunchbagg says there’s a video coming soon. Check it out:

Nino – “Morning After” feat. Khary (Providence)

“We were downtown after bounce house.”

With help on the production from Mizuchi, Nino grabs the reigns on the vocals for his newest release. To add to the record, he taps fellow PVD-native Khary for additional vocals. If you want more Nino, check out his B Sides and Rarities.

Soco the DJ – “The Stepson” (Rhode Island)

Meet DJ/rapper Soco the DJ in this Beat Knox Productions-directed video. Soco talks about where he got his start and how he ended up in Rhode Island.

Sooper Vega – Cuni’s Tape (Rhode Island)

“If you’ve ever felt the pain of heartbreak you might relate,” Sooper Vega wrote about the project. “Written for self-healing, released to encourage others to do the same.”

After having experienced a devastating end of a relationship, Sooper Vega looked for ways to channel his emotions. He’s been a musician for his entire life and having that skill enabled the Rhode Island artist to channel his reaction to his breakup into music – his escape. Truthfully, by just looking at the title of the first track on the project, you can understand where he’s going with it. Don’t take the music as just another project about love, or the cessation of it, think of it as an emotional collection of songs selectively chosen to represent the many thoughts going through the mind of Vega.

Wax On — Homework (North Reading, Massachusetts/Rhode Island) 

Wax On just released a short, new project Homework last month. The North Reading, Massachusetts band have found their way to Rhode Island by way of school. It originally started with two members who went to the same high school, but has since expanded. The band dropped their ska punk/indie rock album Homecoming in April. Ska punk, in short, is a genre that is similar to punk but it is very dancey. The genre includes instruments such as saxophones, trumpets, horns and more.


Youngin True’ — “Jazz Type” (Boston)

A 45s and 40s regular, Youngin True brings his trademark hood blues sound to his new track “Jazz Type.”

Yucking AwesomeGraveyards and Sunshines EP (Providence/NYC)

The Providence native drops his “first of many” projects with his Graveyards and Sunshines EP. Yucking Awesome, though hailing from Providence, currently resides in Brooklyn, New York where he’s working on expanding his career. Graveyards and Sunshines is “an experimental fusion album exlporing the complexities of life through the essence of jazz, hip-hop, rock and soul,” Hip Hop since 1987 wrote. The inspiration for the project came by way of Awesome’s late relatives, his father who was a trumpet player, and a close friend who took his life. Take a listen, you’re sure to find more than one song to resonate with.


Hensley Carrasco
Hensley graduated from the University of Rhode Island where he was the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, the Good 5 Cent Cigar. He founded the site with hopes to add to the ever-growing digital music newsroom. Hensley generally writes about Hip-Hop, but other genres are not out of his writing spectrum. On the side, Hensley is a photographer, specializing in concert photography.

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