EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Lunchbagg, Larry Ohh Drop ‘Came A Long Way’

The two Rhode Island artists bring an uptempo vibe to their newest single.

With not even a month since his last release, Rhode Island’s Lunchbagg — two g’s — and producer Larry Ohh have released their newest single. 

To be an artist is to adapt, much like a chameleon does with its environment. Taking Lunchbagg and Larry Ohh’s last release, “TAKE 2“, and comparing it to their newest track “Came A Long Way” can be compared to apples and oranges. “TAKE 2” is a slower, trippier track with elements of EDM within it. “Came A Long Way”? Uptempo — but it’s not how the song was originally created to be.


“Originally the beat had a slower drum pattern,” Lunchbagg said. “That’s what’s amazing about music and more specifically drum rhythm, you can have 2 songs that might be around the same [beats per minute] but based on where the kicks and snares hit, the vibe can be either faster or have the illusion of being slowed down. All in all, I thought it would be a different approach and I’m all about shaking things up.”

If you think back to his 2017 project The Holy & The Hostile, which we touched on in our full-length interview, this new wave of

Lunchbagg | Photo courtesy Lunchbagg

music is sonically different.  The beats on these are lighter, but one thing hasn’t changed — Lunchbagg says he still has a big hand with the production of all of his songs. The last song he released — “Came A Long Way” especially — have taken an electronic approach and Lunchbagg acknowledged it. 

“I’ve always been a fan of electronic-based music,” he said. “I always envisioned myself rapping over these huge productions ever since I heard ‘Android Porn’ by Kraddy and especially when I heard producers like Skrillex or when I heard how Waka Flocka [Flame] added his influence to EDM.

“Waka is a huge influence to me. He’s a pioneer of this trap shit in a lot of ways. He hyped people up when they were still afraid to mosh at rap shows…one of my favorite performers to watch too.”

What makes the song work is the collaboration he and Larry have. That aspect is what Lunchbagg loves about working with Larry. 

Though he didn’t confirm whether or not he and Larry have a full-length project releasing anytime soon, he said they “have a TON (sic) of music together” and are “definitely releasing a bunch of new stuff and putting on for Rhode Island in a major way in the next few months.”

Listen to the track above and look out for the music video.

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