Boston’s J Cinatra Rides into First 2018 Release with ‘Skateland’

J Cinatra's welcomes listeners to his sound in 'Skateland'

Drawing inspiration from his memories of a rink he would go to when he was younger, Boston’s J Cinatra released his album Skateland.

ˈˌəp ən(d) ˈkəmiNG/
  1. (of a person beginning a particular activity or occupation) making good progress and likely to become successful.

With the growing ease to oversaturate the digital airwaves with content and music, weeding out the good artists becomes a struggle. Especially in a market where there seems to be an up-and-coming artist at every glance and also a resistance and no real opportunity to perform.


Having been making music for the past 10 years, Cinatra isn’t new to the trials and tribulations artists face in their career, especially coming from a city that is home to many an artist. The 23-year-old Boston rapper isn’t new to the music market as he has previously released other projects including his EP Unfinished Business Vol. 1

“I want to [go] way further than music” – J Cinatra told The Co-Op

While speaking with The Co-Op, Cinatra touched on his inspiration for the album. 

“I just need an album that has something that brings me back in time it brings me forward in time, that’s all around,” Cinatra said to The Co-Op. “It’s the cartoons that I used to watch when I was little, it’s the ideas from movies and tv shows I have when I’m older. I want to [go] way further than music.”

The idea behind the name and concept for Skateland, Cinatra said, was to give the vibe he used to feel when he was younger going into roller skating rinks. The neon, the low lights, all of it. The vision was put into art by illustrator/graphic designer Erroneous The Human

With the exception of one song, 15 out of the 16 tracks on the album were produced by Antonio Loomis, aka Antonio tha Great.

After a couple of listens to the project, my current favorite track is the intro, “Midnight Special.” The song brings a sound that reminds me of a Curren$y track where the beat is smooth and reminiscent of a summer where you can put the windows down and ride.

As for the rest of the album, I won’t spoil it. I’ll let you listen to it on your own.

You can find J Cinatra on Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Hensley Carrasco
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