Summa Palooza Brings Local Vendors, Musicians, Fans Together

Part of the Summa Palooza flyer

Local talent gets a showcase

Fans, musicians, vendors, curators and more flooded The Met in Pawtucket, R.I. last night to display their work, purchase art and apparel from others or support local talent.

Summa Palooza, an event created by Spocka Summa‘s company Summer 88, brought together dozens of musicians, artists and designers from all over. The inspiration behind this first Summa Palooza was to aggregate those Summa has worked with throughout the past year. Summa said he wanted to bring together those he has worked with to do “one show before the end of the year…a sendoff show.”


Summer 88 is a company “that is all about building platforms for upcoming artists, vendors, producers…all people.” The idea that Summer 88 is in charge of the show is what Summa feels makes it different than other showcases is because the company brings “a different type of energy.”

Jason and his Smooth Cats booth | Photo by Hensley Carrasco

The show was buzzing with more than 150 people packing the establishment. The outer edges of the venue was lined with vendors and curators selling their clothing, art and even jewelry. Smooth Cats, 88 Computer Repairs, Astro Art, Antisocial Skate Club, LTTL and many more vendors were featured at the event.

“I hope that this [event] elevates the platform and more people are willing to come out to support local artists” – Spocka Summa

The Design

Maria Maidana, who works under the name Astro Art, worked on the design of the event flyer and logos and was selling some of her pieces. The concept behind the event’s logos and flyers came from Summa’s ideas, she said.

Astro Art in front of her booth at Summa Palooza | Photo by Hensley Carrasco

“[The design] was a lot of robotic parts,” she said. “Wires, robots, technology. [Summa] also wanted it to feel like a community event, so I did the second flyer with all the headliners on it. I hand made all of the logos for people performing. It was a lot of that. The colors were all his idea kind of like kept it together. We had both brains working and it came together beautifully I gotta say.”

With the success of the event, Summa said he plans on having the event occur more frequently. More than likely “three times a year” and it will be comprised of three different types of events and not only the format displayed Friday.

Jason Reefa performing within the crowd at The Met | Photo by: Hensley Carrasco

Performances were full of energy and entertaining. A handful of artists took the stage and the floor, including Jason Reefa, who jumped off of the stage to perform within the crowd. With the amount of energy he brought to his performance, a mosh pit followed.

Each artist that performed did so with their own style and special guests. The date for the next Summa Palooza has not been announced, but it looks as though he’s expecting a larger crowd.

Check out some more pictures from the event below:

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Editor’s note: Astro and Summa are both friends of the writer. Astro also is the artist behind the logo for 45s and 40s.
Hensley Carrasco
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