dvsn Debuts “P.O.V.” Off Upcoming Album

dvsn just wants to change your “P.O.V.”

With the seal of approval from a well known singer, dvsn’s fourth single, “P.O.V.,” off of their upcoming album, has officially premiered.

dvsn, a Canadian R&B duo made up of Daniel Daley and Nineteen85, have been making music under Drake’s OVO Sound label since 2015. Their debut, Sept. 5threleased last year to mixed, but mostly favorable reviews. With popular singles such as “Hallucinations,” and “Too Deep,” the duo have been looking to following the album with an even bigger project.


The single features a sample of Maxwell’s song “Fortunate,” played throughout the song. Maxwell tweeted the single to which dvsn responded with a thank you. This isn’t the first time Maxwell has mentioned the pair as he tweeted about “Hallucinations” last year.

With their sophomore album, Morning After, scheduled to release October 13, they are on the final stretch of promotion and the single release is one of the four singles that have been released so far. The album will feature 13 tracks and, interestingly enough, the singles are all together toward the middle, though that has no bearing on why they were chosen.

  1. “Run Away”
  2. “Nuh Time/Tek Time”
  3. “Keep Calm”
  4. Think About Me
  5. Don’t Choose
  6. Mood
  7. “P.O.V.”
  8. “You Do”
  9. “Morning After”
  10. “Can’t Wait”
  11. “Claim”
  12. “Body Smile”
  13. “Conversations in a Diner”

Listen to “P.O.V.” and all of the other singles you may have missed:

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