Tyler The Creator Returns with New Music, Visuals

Tyler, The Creator is back with new music and visuals

After hyping up fans on social media with countdowns to his new songs, Tyler the Creator finally dropped the video for his newest single, “Who Dat Boy.”

The song includes a collaboration with close friend A$AP Rocky and, at the end of the video, Tyler also adds a sneak peak to his songs, “911/Mr. Lonely” featuring Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy and Anna of the North.


The video, directed by Tyler’s alter ego Wolf Haley, is seen as the bad influence controlling his mind. As most fans know, Tyler credits himself under the pen name, and by hearing the first couple of seconds of the song, you could already tell Tyler was about to hit you with some bars. It has the type of suspense that’s about to blow up in your face–something that actually happens when a project Tyler is working on detonates on his face when the song’s beat drops and he begins his verse.

You can really hear the influence Tyler’s persona puts onto the song. It gives a flashback and certain vibe alike to Tyler’s earlier work with Goblin. At least in my opinion, it almost reminded me of the same beat intensity and suspense of “Transylvania,” but only more extreme and less chill. Rocky’s lines also carry this nice lucidity that freshly flow with the beat force halfway through his part in the song.

In the video, after the long, gripping zoom on Tyler’s back finally drops, something explodes in his face and gives him a busted lip and a demolished cheek. Tyler runs out the house, and he eventually makes it to Rocky’s house, where Rocky performs surgery on him and gives him a face transplant. Tyler then drives away with a stitched up light-skinned face and a ginger beard with chapped lips. The song immediately switches off to “911/Mr. Lonely,” which is a more chilled out and sad Tyler.

In the music video preview at the end of “Who Day Boy,” there are multiple Tylers in different GOLF WANG apparel slowly jamming out to the calmer beats Tyler produced for the sad song. The song has two parts to it that separate the song into “911” and “Mr. Lonely.” The song itself starts with a happy and positive feeling, but switches off a more gloomy Tyler as when he says, “I’m the loneliest man alive/ But I keep on dancin’ to throw ’em off.”

The song includes artists Syd tha Kid, of Odd Future Wolf Gang (OFWG) and The Internet fame, Steve Lacy, Frank Ocean, also of OFWG fame and Anna of the North. When hearing their bits in the song, they resonate as Tyler’s encouragement and compassion with their sweet melodies. After waiting two years, I think fans are just excited to finally get some more music out of Tyler because he is talented and beautifully picks apart his abilities when making his music.

Cynthia Munrayos
Cynthia is an incoming junior at the University of Rhode Island, and is a double major in English and Journalism. She currently is a contributing writer for the Entertainment section at URI's Good Five Cent Cigar. She has an eclectic music taste that stretches from hip-hop, R&B and soul/jazz to punk, alternative rock and even a little ambient, electronic music every now and then. Apart from school, she sings on the side and contributes her vocals to the URI-based alt rock-R&B-fusion band, Nakamarra.

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