45s and 40s Launches New Podcast, “I.D. Required”

I.D. Required Episode 1

Streaming music online through Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora–and others–hasn’t been the only form of listening to music and entertainment on the internet.

Podcasts have become a new form of media for people to provide insight, information, entertainment or just play music–and that’s what we’re here to do. Our site, 45s and 40s, provides an avenue for fans of all genres to come to one place and be able to read and listen to the music they love and also learn about other genres they may have not tried to look into otherwise.


With “I.D. Required,” we provide a deeper look into these music genres. We look to come to each episode with a theme and expand on it throughout the episode. “I.D. Required” is named such as a play on a couple of themes. The first having a tongue-in-cheek relation to 45s and 40s–as 40s are commonly referred to the alcoholic beverages and to acquire them a form of identification is needed. The second comes with what the podcast is about–music. We look to include content in the podcast that have gone either under the radar, and many listeners haven’t heard, or that listeners didn’t associate with the theme of the episode.

Our first episode, R&Business, takes a look at R&B music from 2016 that many haven’t listened to and should. The episode was available early to newsletters subscribers and then to everyone else. Sign up to the newsletter today!

The podcast is available on iTunes, Google Music or Soundcloud by following the links, subscribing or searching “I.D. Required” or “45s and 40s” within your favorite application.


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I.D. Required Episode 1

Hensley Carrasco
Hensley graduated from the University of Rhode Island where he was the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, the Good 5 Cent Cigar. He founded the site with hopes to add to the ever-growing digital music newsroom. Hensley generally writes about Hip-Hop, but other genres are not out of his writing spectrum. On the side, Hensley is a photographer, specializing in concert photography.

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