KAYTRANADA Releases Follow-Up Project to Debut Album

KAYTRANADA via Okayplayer

Fresh on the heels of winning the prestigious Canadian Polaris Music Prize, KAYTRANADA released his newest mixtape this week.

This past May, Louis Kevin Celestin–best known by KAYTRANADA–released his debut studio album to critical acclaim. The album went on to win 2016’s Polaris Prize which recognizes the best full-length Canadian album with no regards to genre, sales or record label. The album, 99.9% was released through the label XL Recordings that KAYTRA signed to in 2014. In May he also announced he was working on a mixtape, 0.01% to be released.

Image posted by KAYTRANADA Dec. 15, 2014 with the title
Image posted by KAYTRANADA Dec. 15, 2014 with the title “ALBUM COMING”

KAYTRA released 0.001% ???, which could potentially be a prelude to 0.01% or just the actual followup, this week. Many fans have commented on KAYTRA’s math as 99.9 and 0.001 do not equal 100 percent.

Coming in with a run time just shy of 90 minutes, 0.001% ???, was released as a one track mixtape as opposed to being broken down into separate tracks–the way many mixtapes are generally constructed. KAYTRA did comment on the availability of a tracklist, which he alluded to possibly being in existence.

Listen to KAYTRANADA’s 99.9%, 0.0001% ??? and watch some of his music videos below.




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