Rapper Gucci Mane Released From Prison, Releases New Song

Gucci ManeGucci Mane | Photographer unknown

Gucci Mane is home.

Wasting no time after having been released from an Indiana prison Thursday, Gucci Mane has already released his first song.

According to his label, 1017 Records, Radric Davis‚Äďbest known by his stage name Gucci Mane‚Äďfound himself in a recording studio an hour after having been released from his two year prison sentence. His girlfriend Keyshia Ka’oir confirmed his release in a series of posts to the social media platform SnapChat. Mane wasn’t scheduled to be released for September, according to New York Daily News.


According to the same source, Mane will¬†spend his first couple of months as a free man under house arrest before beginning his probation. Mane’s lawyer Drew Findling said “his legal team had successfully filed motions to have the rapper‚Äôs release date ‘shortened and corrected’ for previous time served,” according to the New York Daily News.

His first song out, titled “First Day Out Tha Feds,” can be considered a sequel of sorts to another song he released in 2009¬†after a different incarceration stint titled “First Day Out.”


The 36-year-old’s¬†first meal out of prison was also documented on SnapChat and in the videos posted, Atlanta-producer Mike WiLL Made-It is seen having dinner with Mane.¬†Both would find¬†themselves in the studio working on the¬†new track that released Friday. Before the song’s release, Mane tweeted a picture of lyrics he had written down, along with¬†the title¬†of the song.

There were conflicting rumors of a subsequent mixtape to have been released today as well, but at the time of writing there haven’t been any releases other than the Mike WiLL Made-It-produced track above.¬†Mike WiLL’s production brings back a mid-2000s¬†southern feel, though the first drop sounds similar to that of California-rapper YG’s “I’m A Thug.”

A lot of the lyrics in the track resonates¬†with Mane’s¬†true to life experiences. In particular, the lines where he says “Last night I had dream some killers¬†ran in my room…On the chance to kill my enemies and beat my case.”

In 2005, during the¬†peak of a feud between Mane and fellow Atlanta rapper Jeezy‚Äďthen known as Young Jeezy‚Äďone of Jeezy’s friends was shot and killed by Mane. Mane claimed it to have been an act of self defense,¬†and after a witness corroborated the story, Mane was acquitted of the charges. After years of back and forth between the two camps, Mane eventually released another Jeezy diss, “Truth,” in which he touched on¬†his self-defense claim for the death¬†of Pookie Loc.

Though having been incarcerated for the past couple of years, Mane was not short of music releases. Mane released more than 20 projects while behind bars, due to the work of his engineers who curated the music and featured artists to match the beats provided and ensure the verses used worked well with the music. There had been many other announced projects that have yet to see the light of day.

Though having only released the lone song, fans can expect Guwop to have a full head of steam moving forward‚Äďwith many, many releases to come.

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