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Following up the release of his late-2014 self-titled album, JMSN continues his success with the release of his emotionally-charged album It Is.

Christian Berishajbetter known by his stage name JMSN, has spent the last year and a half working on It Is. and after an initial listen, the versatility factor is one of the biggest things that sticks out of the project. If JMSN were to have been a baseball player, he would be set as the utility player as he can handle any placement. From the soulful and R&B sound fans are used to hearing to the reggae and Hip-hop styles, JMSN fits well with any genre he puts his hands on.


Though he has his own sound, JMSN is often compared to what Justin Timberlake would sound like if his music were slower. JMSN doesn’t deviate from his regular tone and keeps it cohesive to the sound he is known for.

The opening track, “It is.” has a classic movie feel as it leads up to a violin composition similar sounding to that of a scene out of Game of Thrones. There aren’t many lyrics on the first track, but it tells of JMSN being in love and asking “What do you want from me?” because he’s given everything he can and has moved on from the past. If it is a girl he’s speaking to, it’s possible the track is directly correlated to the next song, “Power.” In “Power” he says:

It starts in you, it starts in you/
You got the power baby, you got the power baby/
It starts in you, it starts in you/
You got the power baby, you got the power baby/
We don’t care about love/
There’s no doubt that we loved each other.

It’s probably a reach, but it never hurts to conspire meanings behind lyrics.

The standout track, personally, would be “Hypnotized.” JMSN takes on a reggae feel for the track–the only one of the sort on the album–and it sticks out as a track you can simply vibe to. The mix of an R&B feel and the reggae instruments bring it together and the addition of Arima Ederra‘s vocals only add to its feel.

JMSN has released a couple of videos for the project–the newest being the video for “Fuck U.” The video features a simple, yet sophisticated chain of events that begin in a house. The video is shot in an old-school camera recorder style, even including the shaky-hand-styled shots and camera pans.

The album uses all live instruments for its songs and are produced by JMSN. If his sound is familiar, he was featured on four songs on Kendrick Lamar’s 2012 album good kid m.A.A.d. cityamong other projects. No matter the project he works on, the sound is consistently smooth and soulful.

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