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NOW SPINNING: The Lumineers Break Music Hiatus with Long-Awaited Album

The Lumineers Cleopatra

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After an extended musical hiatus, The Lumineers release with a new album.

Three-and-a-half years after the release of their self-titled debut album, The Lumineers have returned with Cleopatra.


Overall, the band sounds cleaner, tighter and is much more reflective. The tone is much grimmer than on their debut album The Lumineers. Whereas that album had songs—even their slower, deeper songs— that had the feel of being made by a fresh-faced, energetic folk band, the majority of the tracks on Cleopatra have a more mature and settled feeling.

It’s safe to say the band went in an almost opposite direction with the sound and feel of Cleopatra in comparison to their debut. So, if you’re looking for a light “Ho Hey”–which was the lead, breakout single off of their first LP–sounding album, don’t say you weren’t warned. The band’s lead single “Ophelia” is the about closest the band comes to the sound originally heard on their debut, but don’t be put off by that. This album is made for long, meditative walks rather than a head-nodding and foot-stomping listen; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially with spring starting to blossom. The pairing of most of the songs’ slow tempo and frontman Wesley Schultz’s deep, sometimes poetic, lyrics are a match made in folk heaven.

The song “In the Light” stands out as one of the strongest tracks. The mix of Schultz’s easy voice, the piano, guitar and slight clapping in the background come together effortlessly, making the track sound almost like a lullaby. It won’t put you to sleep, but it will put you at ease and make for a smooth listen. Other standout tracks include the opening track “Sleep on the Floor,” and the title track, “Cleopatra.”

The album is out now. Both the standard and deluxe version are also available on Spotify.

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