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NOW SPINNING: Aurora – All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend


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Aurora, a 19-year-old singer from Norway, made her debut in a powerful first album with songs that will stay with you long after the album ends–and possibly haunt you even.

Released in early March, All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend is dark, moody, weird and refreshing. The lyrics Aurora delivers are real, vulnerable and sometimes profound. The album is definitely not the album to play if you’re looking for something to get ready to go out on a Friday night. In fact—with lyrics such as, “I fall asleep in my own tears”—it may have the opposite effect. Interestingly enough, that lyric comes from one of the more upbeat songs on her album, “Warrior.”


“Runaway,” the opening track, sets the mood for the album. An easy song carried by her voice and lyrics that portray an emotional and sadly beautiful journey. The experiences and emotions that the lyrics conjure will make you wonder what exactly this 19-year-old woman has gone through in life to be able to easily strike up such dark images and emotions within you.


“When, when I am down/
I lay my hands upon this ground/
For the thousandth time, I call him in/
His earth is mine/
Before I make the offering/
Remember all the faces that I’ve seen/
Now all the marks have settled on my skin/
From all the different places that I’ve been/
That I’ve been.”
-Aurora sings in “Lucky.”

The lightest song on the album, “Conqueror,” is also her debut single. It is the most energetic, positive and radio friendly track on the album. The chorus is lively and easy to sing along to.

Though her light song is more radio friendly, Aurora’s best songs come with her darker tracks such as “Through the Eyes of a Child.” Those songs are where her lyrics shine through with raw emotion and introspection. The acoustic version of “Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1)” is hypnotic and haunting. It tells the story of being shot in the head as a mercy.

“I know that he’s killing me for mercy,” she sings. “He did it all too spare me from the awful things in life that comes.”

The video for it is just as haunting as the song. The video features Aurora staring wide-eyed into the camera as live butterflies stick onto her hair, shoulder and hand.

But it gets darker still, even scary, with Aurora’s cover of “Nature Boy.” Her voice carries the song, almost painting a picture for the story it’s telling. The cello and guitar give it a dramatic and melancholic feel. When they all come together it’s almost menacing. It’s the type of song that’s fit for a funeral or would play in a finale sequence for a television show, perhaps for the death of a beloved character…or two.

Listen to Aurora’s debut album on Spotify and catch her live in a free show in Providence, R.I. on July 29.

Juan Siliezar
the authorJuan Siliezar
Juan is a Providence, R.I.-based writer who contributes to the modern rock section. Juan is an avid writer, reader and lover of simple things. Besides music, his interest lies in education. He writes grant proposals for a Boston education nonprofit and was a contributing writer at Noodle Education.

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