NOW SPINNING: ‘Genesis’ Separates Artist From Already Successful Hip-Hop Group Using own Sound

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Not to be overshadowed by the success of his fellow Odd Future Wolf Gang (OFWGKTA) member and friend, Tyler, the Creator, Domo Genesis has taken an initiative to create a name for himself with his first album.

Genesis Cover (Back)With fellow members Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean and even Syd Tha Kyd finding success, it was dire for Genesis to find his own sound and separate himself from the variety of sounds the other members have created. From a gritty, radical voice to a smoother sound, it was up to Genesis to figure out where exactly he would fit amongst his label-mates. Genesis’ flow comes in sounding as if Frank Ocean rapped using his beats and a style that Chance the Rapper or Childish Gambino uses. Genesis’ verses on the album don’t deviate from what he knows, as they’re filled with anything from weed raps to the reasoning for his decision to rap.


I got so many questions but who am I asking, nigga/
I ask myself, what is it you really after, nigga/
Is it money, is it bitches, is it fame/
Is it pursuit of happiness if everybody knows your name/
Does this weed keep me from going clinically insane/
Are you really even living this image up in this game/

“Questions”- Domo Genesis

With features from Wiz Khalifa, Tyler, the Creator, Juicy J, up-and-comer Anderson .Paak and Mac Miller to boot, Genesis ensures his Odd Future Records release is one to surely make noise in Hip-hop conversations. The mellow beats and verses surely put Genesis on the radar of albums to look out for. The album seamlessly transitions itself from front to back with sounds and raps that don’t disappoint. Genesis serves as a climactic point in a career that is only to continue moving forward.

Genesis’ previous projects haven’t disappointed and this one is not one to disappoint either. Life lessons mixed in with personal experiences make Genesis a great debut for the artist. He uses this album to separate himself from his peers who have found success and in doing so, has ensured fans feel the sense of originality. His video for the lead single, “Dapper,” goes to show his attention to detail as the video serves as a fine example of visuals meeting a song in perfect synchronization.

After making his rounds in New York, Domo Genesis is currently continuing his “Hall of Fame” podcast series with Odd Future Radio and supporting the release of his album.

For those who have yet to take listen to the album, here is a stream:

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