Flatbush ZOMBiES Brings High Energy, Memorable Performance to Rhode Island

In a scheduled tour stop, Flatbush ZOMBiES stopped at The Met in Pawtucket, R.I. Friday night to perform for a sold out crowd.

Not necessarily the largest of venues, The Met was home to more than 300 people who packed in like Times Square on New Year’s Eve for the show. After waiting through the openers and regular house music, it was time for Flatbush to begin their set. The set up was reminiscent of the Big Sean stage set up that he used while on his solo tour; while touring with J. Cole, Big Sean’s set resembled that of a liquor store with a sign reading “Paradise”–part of the name of his last album. With this set up, the back part of the stage was lined up with a wall of LED light boards almost resembling a miniature electronic billboard. The boards were set up to be in sync with the music, displaying a variation of graphics, logos and animations the group had put together.


The eclectic mix of people in the venue only went to show what a group of artists could achieve solely with their music. Donning shirts with “Flatbush ZOMBiES,” “The Glorious Dead,” or even ones with the name of their previous projects were visible throughout the venue. The lights of the venue shut off and everyone instantly knew what time it was. Fans rushed in from the porch of The Met hoping to make it back in with enough time that they didn’t miss a second of the show. Patrons at the bar hurriedly paid for their drinks in order to turn around and get a good spot for the show.

A man’s voice came on through the speakers in an introduction of sorts. Reciting previous projects the group has worked on, asking if the crowd enjoyed the projects and following it with a “[Flatbush ZOMBiES aren’t performing] any of those shits tonight.” Following the voice, you can hear Flatbush ZOMBiES member Zombie Juice chime in with an “ARE YOU READY?!” along with ad libs by Meechy Darko.

3001: A Laced Odyssey

The group opened the concert with the lead song on their newest album 3001: A Laced Odyssey, “The Odyssey.” Sporting a white hat and bomber jacket, Juice was met to a room full of fans–most with their cameras out, waiting to capture his entrance. Meechy and Erick “Arc” Elliott were also sporting bomber jackets embroidered with the Flatbush ZOMBiES logo and related artwork. The crowd, hyped up as ever, met the ZOMBiES with jumping and high energy, matching the artists on stage.

Going through the tracks of the album–only stopping occasionally–the ZOMBiES maintained the same amount of energy throughout the night. Visibly perspiring, the group showed no signs of a lack of tempo as they continued on through the night. The reciprocation of their energy to the crowd was evident whenever they cut their vocals and the crowd took it upon themselves to finish the lyrics as loud as they possibly could. The seamless transition between songs made sure the crowd wasn’t able to relax as they knew what to expect. When they weren’t rapping their verse, the ZOMBiES were jumping around on the stage and ensuring the level of energy in the room was at an absolute maximum.

Though the voice at the beginning of the show promised there would be no songs other than that off of their album, the ZOMBiES surprised their fans with a couple of classic cuts. After Meech finished a verse, the beat for one of their biggest hits, “Bath Salts” followed. The lights turned to a blood red and the song began, but not for long as Meech cut it off and asked for the crowd to have a bit more energy. The LED backdrop changed at the beginning of the song and the crowd turned its energy into one that you could find at an intense NBA Finals game 7. A$AP Twelvyy, who has been touring with the group, reemerged and began to, at one point, crowd surf as the group performed their verses from the song.

After the track, they followed with “Thug Waffle,” which was met with equal appraise. Toward the end of the show, the group played Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as an outro, a song that most, if not all, of the crowd sang along to. The Flatbush ZOMBiES members walked around and high fived the members of the crowd in a send-off fashion, but it wasn’t the end of the show. The group kept performing, even–at one point–having the crowd split in two in order for Meech to perform on the floor. The crowd split and while Meech was on the floor, proceeded to surround him and he began to perform while standing amongst them.

The group brought out an energy form the crowd that was unmatched. The tempo at the beginning of the show matched the tempo at the end and made it an all-around great experience for those in attendance.

If you haven’t listened to their new album, here’s your chance:

Check out some pictures from the show:

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Here’s a promo video we put together:

Hensley Carrasco
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