Flatbush ZOMBiES Release Long-Awaited Debut Studio Album

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Following the release of two critically acclaimed mixtapes, and one extended play album with fellow New York rap group The Underachievers, Flatbush ZOMBiES released 3001: A Laced Odyssey. 

Hailing from the same place as is in their name, Flatbush ZOMBiES came together around 2012, which is when they released their first mixtape. Composed of Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice and Erick “The Architect” Elliott, the group released their first mixtape, D.R.U.G.S., in 2012 to outstanding acclaim throughout the Hip-hop community. Soon after the release, the group slowly began to rise to the notable Hip-hop scene along with other New York collaboratives such as Pro Era. Their rise to prominence didn’t go without notice as other Hip-hop artists began to take notice of the growing fanbase the ZOMBiES was beginning to gain. One of their earliest features came on the A$AP Mob mixtape Lords Never Worry, where they were featured on the song “Bath Salt” (bath salts, of course, being the controversial drug which was believed to have been taken by a Florida man after he had eaten the face of another man in 2012).


Their success was soon followed by more features and singles which boosted them into the limelight amongst other up-and-coming artists. Their second mixtape, BetterOffDead, was also released to much acclaim, but this one felt better compiled and slightly controversial. So much so, the mixtape begins with Meechy Darko saying, on “Amerikkan Pie,”

I am redesigning the mind of the masses
That fear a black man with tattoos and bandanas
But when a white man wear tattoos and bandanas
And joins a bike gang it’s all cool with the balance

It’s hard to figure out which ZOMBiE is your favorite as each member is paired with a unique quality that sets them apart from not only their fellow members, but it also separates them from any other artist making music. Meechy Darko has a grittier approach to his flow and goes back to back with his punch lines and wordplay. Zombie Juice has a higher voice, but it doesn’t take away from his ability to compound bar after bar and line after line in order to create his unique sound that many look forward to hearing as they play a Flatbush ZOMBiE track. The juxtaposition between the two artists allow the group to cover two sides of the “rapping voice” spectrum as Erick fits right in the middle between the pair. Erick is a rare case in this comparison as he would be considered more of a part-time rapper than anything. His uniqueness comes with his ability to rap and produce, but he doesn’t rap often so when you do hear him, you can’t help but enjoy whatever he has to say. He released a solo project, almost remembered., in 2011. He’s produced nearly every song the ZOMBiES have been on, and as their in-house producer, he’s not stopping that any time soon.

Calling on David Nakayama to create their album cover, Flatbush ZOMBiES released their debut LP on March 11 through their own label, The Glorious Dead Records. Exclusively produced by Erick The Architect, the album features a familiar sound Flatbush fans are used to. The album includes 12 songs and runs about an hour, which seems to be the staple for albums in recent release history. Leading up to the release of the album, the group released two music videos for a couple of the songs on the album. The first was “Bounce,” which featured a gritty video packed with drugs, money, violence and followed each of the members of the group as their paths eventually align:

The second video, “This Is It,” takes a much more minimalistic approach as it’s shot with a white backdrop in black and white. All three members are featured on this track.

You can stream the album below:

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